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iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 – Negligible display changes

We’ve already established that rumors of an iPhone 6 being released this year is just speculation, and even though we already knew it, Tim Cook threw water on those fires several weeks ago. With this in mind, we know with almost certainty that the iPhone 5S will be very similar in looks, if not identical to the current model, and a recent leak may have confirmed this.

While we cannot take such leaks as gospel, it’s hard to deny how looking at the iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 display changes side-by-by could be mistaken for the same device. Okay, we can see that there are minor changes, but these iPhone 5S display changes are negligible at best.

FanaticFone has leaked several images in the past, but most recently for the new iPad mini 2 and iPad 5, and so it was only a matter of time before they released some iPhone 5S images, or its components anyone. If we are to believe the rumor, then this is the display assembly for the new iPhone.

This is the second time such an image has appeared this week, and so one has to wonder if we are looking at the real thing? This is by no means the last iPhone 5S leak we expect to see, but if so you see any showing you a larger display then you have to assume this is either misleading, or what next year’s version of the iPhone could look like.

As for the iPhone 5S design, we could still see a few minor changes, not to its overall design, but rather a new camera, home button, mute switch and possibly a new color option. We had been hoping to see a fingerprint scanner, and while this is still possible, there were no clues to this security features during the iOS 7 keynote last week, although they did mention a different security feature.



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