Fallout 4 private footage with release date rumors

By Alan Ng - Jun 19, 2013

We have some massive Fallout 4 rumors to bring you now, just hours after Pete Hines potentially hinted on Fallout 4 only just getting started on development. The whole world thought that Fallout 4 was absent at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, but a new rumor doing the rounds is claiming that footage from a Fallout 4 trailer was actually shown at the event behind closed doors.

Imagine that for a second. Fans are going wild and hungry for the briefest hint that the game is coming, but Bethesda instead chooses to show the game to press only in a private section of E3. It’s not the first time that we have heard of games being shown privately and details slipping out in due course, but could this be true about Fallout 4?

We all know the game is coming, but Bethesda has previously hinted that they would only be willing to show the game off when they have substantial content to reveal. This trailer though was apparently 37 seconds long according to information posted to Bubblews and supposedly confirms post-apocalyptic Boston as the main setting for the game.

That is not all though. Additional information we’re hearing is that Fallout 4 will not have a release date until 2015, if you can believe that, but it will be still coming to current-gen Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms – as well as Xbox One, PS4 and PC of course. We thought at the very latest we would be playing Fallout 4 in 2014, but a game that is still two years away from release sounds hard to believe at the moment.

An official announcement of Fallout is apparently due before E3 2014, which still paves the way for a possible showing at the 2013 VGAs as we discussed here. It’s a shame we have no actual evidence of this 37 second trailer to show you though, which again doubts the authenticity of these claims.

Do you think Fallout 4 was shown at E3 and could have a 2015 release date? It seems somewhat strange that current-gen consoles will still be involved in such a big project. Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • I believe this only pure rumors, whether Fallout 4 will hit stores in 2014 or 2015, we are hoping that Bethesda would soon clear this up and at least give us a hint, but there hasn’t been much news on the Fallout front in some time since Bethesda didn’t reveal it at E3. Fans of radioactive wasteland violence were disappointed, yes I know it’s a painful wait for us dedicated fans, but we do hope that they are making it even more grand, detailed and satisfying than any of the Fallout series. Will be worth the wait.