Black Ops 2 DLC 3 with Buried zombies, Ray Gun 2

It is that time again for Black Ops 2 players on Xbox 360, as it looks like Black Ops 2 DLC 3 is finally upon us. Activision has now released a gameplay trailer, confirming the name to be Vengeance – the new map pack that will come with four new multiplayer maps and another brand new zombie map to play as well.

Without further ado, Black Ops 2 players on Xbox 360 will be able to pick up Vengeance on July 2nd. It will come with Uplink, Detour, Cove and Rush, as multiplayer maps. However, the most exciting aspect of the pack is a new zombies map called Buried. In addition, we can also confirm that Treyarch will be offering a bonus zombie weapon to use – the Ray Gun Mark II.

We didn’t see a free weapon with Uprising, but we’re glad to see that Treyarch is bringing the bonus back with Vengeance. This is the official description that Treyarch has provided with regards to the exciting new zombie adventure that is about to drop:

“Players will be challenged to face their deepest fears, trapped inside a long-forgotten subterranean Old West mining town infested with swarms of the undead.”

The included picture of the Ray Gun Mark II looks rather special indeed, there’s also a suggestion that once you have unlocked the Vengeance content, you’ll be able to use the Ray Gun 2 in any other Black Ops 2 zombies map which is excellent if really true. The trailer above gives you an initial idea of what to expect, but stay tuned as further details on Buried are bound to leak closer to the July 2 release date.

It’s also worth pointing out that Uplink will be a ‘reimagining’ of the classic multiplayer map Summit – so those already familiar with that should be intrigued with the first glimpses of Uplink. Expect more details on Vengeance as we get it. Do you have your Season Pass ready for July 2nd?

Give us your early impressions on the new Buried zombies map.



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