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PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay analysis

We have a treat for Killzone fans now, as Guerilla has taken the time at E3 2013 to give an extended look at their upcoming and highly anticipated PS4 exclusive, Killzone Shadow Fall. The game is confirmed to be a PS4 launch title upon release and now we have some gameplay analysis in realtime for you to check out, complete with expert commentary from members of the Guerilla team.

Most of you will remember the standout moment from Sony’s initial PS4 reveal in February, when Guerilla showed off Killzone Shadow Fall for the very first time. The game looked incredible then, and we’re pleased to see that Guerilla has now been showing off live builds of the game at E3, both in public and behind closed doors off-screen.

If you search YouTube, you should be able to view some off-screen gameplay of Shadow Fall, but in the meantime we have a 21 minute presentation to share with you, giving you a deeper insight into some of the mechanics and thought process that went into Guerilla’s initial demo of the game.


If you enjoy reading into technical aspects of a game, this analysis of Shadow Fall from Guerilla is definitely for you. You’ll see the developers discuss the brand new stealth Helghast terrorist, as well as pausing up the live demo to show you just what effort has been made to individually draw out all of the environments in 3D – especially that beautiful metropolis in the background which left everyone so impressed after February.

For us, we just like taking another look at the level design if anything, as we have never seen graphics like this before in a Killzone game. If Shadow Fall is going to be one of your PS4 launch games, let us know what you would like to see further for the game. Are you expecting to see a multiplayer mode revealed soon?



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