Pokemon X and Y DLC theories upon release

By Alan Ng - Jun 18, 2013

Nintendo and Game Freak recently announced an October 12 release date for Pokemon X and Y on the Nintendo 3DS. As we await this glorious date, we have a new debate to talk about now – the likelihood of paid-for Pokemon appearing in the game as extras, after Game Freak recently revealed that they are thinking about introducing DLC for Pokemon X and Y after release.

Don’t forget that this is coming off the back of rumors just hours ago, in which Nintendo also confirmed that they are now exploring DLC within future Zelda games on the Wii U. Has Nintendo had a big strategy change, with DLC now becoming a priority for the company across all future games?

This brief snippet over at IGN confirms that Game Freak made the confession during their Pokemon X and Y roundtable event at E3, but what exactly could players expect to see, in relation to extra content that requires a fee? Considering that the whole basis of the franchise evolves around catching and training up Pokemon from scratch, the idea of buying extra Pokemon for a fee may just leave a sour taste in many fan’s mouths.

While it would be nice to perhaps see some DLC exclusive Pokemon if done correctly, we think it would be more worthwhile if Game Freak were to explore other avenues in relation to DLC. This could include offering extra regions to Pokemon X and Y players for a small fee or even better – make other regions like Kanto unlockable so that players can go and collect all of the old badges again.

Nintendo need to tread carefully on this if they don’t want to run the risk of alienating their loyal fanbase. DLC regions could be the best solution to go on this, perhaps offering a small selection of free Pokemon as well to sweeten the deal. If you are planning on buying Pokemon X and Y, let us know how you would like potential DLC to be handled on the game.

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  • Marcus Hawkins

    i would like the DLC and i would pay money to unlock the other areas like kanto so we can collect all the badges not just 8 but all of the badge and collect the older pokemon to

  • BBT104

    I want DLC of the other regions, including Orre, they way I would like it my self (other mite disagree) is that when you go to the other region you can only take 1 level 5 and under pokemon with you from your current region (this does not mean you lose all of your other pokemon) and when you get there you are stuck in that region until you “beat” it, then the storage systems would (through some small story line) link up reuniting you with those pokemon and you then gain free travel between the regions, until you decide to go to another “New” region, then it does this again. My reasoning for this is that there are just so many regions they would have to massively increase the max level of pokemon to the 3-400’s, or really weaken the gyms and the story’s pokemon to level 20’s for the champion of Kalos, which no one wants, there’s just to many regions to do like in HG SS, but through this way I think it would work great with out making it supper easy to just go in with your champion pokemon and kill the region.

  • Ben

    DLC regions like kanto and sinnoh would be cool and to see them remaked would be awesome. if with the regions there were the starter pokemon and you started from a little village like an extra story it would be better and i would pay more for it