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iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 icons, not everyone pleased

If you are excited about the upcoming release of iOS 7, you may be interested in checking out this icon comparison that we have for you. It’s no secret that Apple’s Jony Ive was the mastermind behind the latest revamp to Apple’s mobile software, and now you can see a visual glance at the new icons within iOS 7, compared to the now old icons on iOS 6.

The update won’t be available until sometime this Fall unfortunately, but as we told you in an earlier article, some clever developers have already managed to get their hands on iOS 7 running on an Apple iPad. In the meantime, the rest of us will have to wait until September or October when Apple is officially ready, and here’s a reminder of those flashy new icons that will now take up residence on your home screens.

As provided by SonnyDickson, we see the subtle visual touches that have been made to apps such as Phone, Mail, Messages and Maps. However, there are some complete reworks coming in iOS 7 as well, such as a change to the Game Center icon – a move that is proving to be a hot topic of debate on messaging boards.

The camera app, photo app and calendar apps have also been given drastic makeovers, although we have to say we’re loving the new approach to calendars in iOS 7. While many consumers are pleased with the visual icon changes in iOS 7, it also has to be said that there has been some early criticism as well from those who believe that Apple are trying to ‘copy’ Android.

Either way, this is a nice glance to compare between the two and don’t forget that Apple could bring further changes to their iOS 7 icons with each subsequent release if they feel the need to tweak even more. Take a look at all of the changes yourself and let us know what you think.

The bottom line: Do you prefer the new iOS 7 icons or the old icons on iOS 6?



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