GTA V PS3 console is one of a kind

By Alan Ng - Jun 18, 2013

Rockstar and Sony may be partnering together to give fans the chance to pick up a GTA V themed console bundle on September 17, but we have spotted the real console that should have become available as part of this deal. Sadly, this awesome custom GTA V PS3 console commissioned by Sony is for Rockstar’s hands only and is thought to be the only one of its kind.

It turns out that Sony are quite open to giving something a little back to their publishing partners, as a way of saying thanks for their new support on future PS3 or PS4 games. Adam Boyes is Sony’s new head of Publisher Relations and he has been acting as Santa Claus, by dishing out amazing custom models of PS3 Slim consoles, designed by Javier Riquelme.

There are some truly mouthwatering designs on offer, particularly this wooden Assassin’s Creed design which we think everyone would love to get their hands on. If we had to pick out our favorite though, it is this GTA V model, which has been sent by Sony to Rockstar as a goodwill gesture.

It shows the three main characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin, along with a stylish Grand Theft Auto V logo highlighted in the middle. It would have been amazing if these were included in the official GTA V bundle which comes with a pair of headphones, but unfortunately – this is a special one off.

We’re also willing to bet that considering these are officially endorsed by Sony, they would fetch a rather handsome amount on the likes of Ebay and Craigslist. For now though, just admire the effort that has gone into these custom models and let us know what you think of this particular GTA V one.

You can view more designs at Javier’s Twitter account here. Are you sad that you don’t have the chance to own this yourself?

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    it’s fake. idiot.

  • Ace Marlow

    Yes I am. Sad that is. Once I had figured out that despite what everyone else had been indicating it was not available to public, I was quite disappointed. I was highly considering buying a third PS3 (only one of which I personally use.)