FIFA 14 on PC, lack of high-end systems to blame

By Alan Ng - Jun 18, 2013

Those of you who are still upset over EA’s decision not to bring the Ignite Engine technology over to the PC version of FIFA 14, are not likely to be impressed with some new feedback from the company. This week, we’ve heard how one of the main reasons for the new engine’s absence, is because EA believes that there isn’t enough consumers out there with high-end PCs to justify including it in the game.

At the moment, EA’s brand new engine will only be coming to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of FIFA 14. While some consumers will obviously be running a system that they believe would ‘destroy’ any console hardware, EA Sports chief Andrew Wilson has said that the average PC consumer would have a problem running their new engine.

When speaking to Polygon in a recent interview, he even cited FIFA 11 as an example of a game that could run perfectly fine on consoles a few years ago, but would have problems running on PC for the people who wanted to play that game. His comments are unlikely to go down well with those running a top rig, but then again – we all know that high-end PCs cost a substantial amount of money, so perhaps he has a valid point.

The overall meaning it seems, is that EA first needs to see a rise in the number of consumers owning high-spec PCs, for them to consider putting their new engine in future PC versions of FIFA. There’s also the argument that the majority of FIFA players are console owners as well – so we have a feeling that this played a big part in the decision as well.

The bottom line: Do you own a ‘high-end PC’? If so, let us know your thoughts on EA’s consensus that the average consumer doesn’t. Will you still be picking up a PC version of FIFA 14 or not now?

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  • shahz

    common EA, we know its only for cost savings…..most pc gamers have at least a decent gpu on their rig + the xbox/ps4 is already using pc like internals…..disappointed!