Sony PS4 Vs Xbox One size with clear winner

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2013

You have seen close up images of the Sony PS4 and close-up designs of Microsoft’s Xbox One console, but what about side by side? We have a few images to show you now, which gives you an exact look at how the PS4 differs to the Xbox One in size. It goes without saying that a lot of consumers are pleasantly surprised at just how compact the PS4 is compared to the Xbox One.

After consumers labelled the Xbox One a glorified ‘VCR’ box after Microsoft’s first Xbox One unveil, many gamers were fearing that Sony were also going to show a large console when unveiling the hardware for the very first time during E3. However, Andrew House took to the stage at Los Angles and showed a system that actually looks very small – especially compared to the original fat PS3 model in 2006.

We already know the official measurements of the PS4 thanks to a recent press release by Sony. The console will measure up with a width of 27.5cm, a height of 5.3cm and a length of 30.5cm. Now, with some stats disclosed by PSMania, we also know how the Xbox One compares. The picture here doesn’t lie, as Microsoft’s system has a width of 34.3cm, a height of 8cm and a length of 26.3cm in comparison.


While Sony’s PS4 manages to bear similarity to the PS3 Slim in size, the Xbox One is significantly bigger than the Xbox 360 Slim, which had a width of 27cm, a height of 7.5cm and a length of 26.4cm. It’s almost certain that we’ll see an Xbox One slim model in a few years, but will Sony perhaps delay new slimmer PS4 models, with consumers being satisfied with the entry size?

It would have been nice to see an Xbox One which was smaller in size than the Xbox 360, but unfortunately that won’t be the case with Microsoft’s first next-gen console iteration. The big question that we want to know from you now – how important is size to you? Does the difference in PS4 and Xbox One size just cement your decision to pick up a PS4, or do you base your decision purely on available game content and entertainment features?

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  • daniel

    bigger is better

  • Aaron Benedetti

    I’m getting the PS4 but personally I wish they made it slightly bigger, compacting things makes them easier to overheat.

  • Ashley Brooke Smith

    Size does matter, the smaller a game station is the easier it is to put somewhere and move it.

  • regular guy

    IMHO, looks, size, and practicality have been properly designed into the ps4. It’ll make a fine addition to my gaming area! Good job Sony!

  • JoeSmoe

    When a the lead archetect of the ps4 has been in the industry since the atari days i doubt he’d overlook such things

  • Chad Chelo

    Well lets put it this way. We got all the way to super slim PS3’s with no red rings of death incidents. I think we’ll be juuuuuuuussstttt fine.

  • XtraTrstrL

    Looking at the die size and power consumption of the chips, overheating probably will be less of an issue than it is with this gen.

  • In some (most) cases, smaller is bad with electronics. Airflow to keep the electronics cool is line down critical (as has been witnessed on both the XBox 360 and PS3). I don’t care how big they are as long as they keep the system efficient and help give it a long lifespan with minimal issues. Personally, I’ll be dropping in an SSD drive almost immediately in my PS4 when it arrives to keep it cool and look at other ways to improve on their offering. I already have an airflow system in my stereo cabinet with inflow and outflow fans and regularly clean out the dust from my components.

    • Leoneol

      Xbox has reported having to lower the GPU just to prevent heating issues. Haven’t heard a single thing about the tiny PS4.

  • cripper

    it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean ; )