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Minecraft Xbox One with game save transfer issues

In the midst of all the E3 game reveals, one new Xbox One game announcement that you may have missed during the event was Minecraft. 4J Studios has confirmed that they are bringing the game over to Microsoft’s new console, with launch buyers able to buy the next-gen version during the ‘launch window’ of the Xbox One.

While this is amazing news for those planning to jump straight into the Xbox One, we do have one major piece of information to give you, which is unlikely to go down well. If you buy the Xbox One version, you’ll have to start your Minecraft campaign from scratch, as Microsoft has confirmed that game saves from the Xbox 360 will not be transferrable.

The reason for this according to Microsoft exec Phil Spencer is largely due to the same reason why backwards compatibility isn’t coming to the Xbox One. Spencer has said that the next-gen version is coming to a ‘new system’ and therefore will be a ‘new product’ separating it from the Xbox 360 version.

As a result, we have been promised bigger worlds with larger maps and expanded multiplayer features. Although Minecraft will be amazing to pick up on the Xbox One, it’s still a disappointment that the functionality isn’t there to transfer data over from the Xbox 360 version.

Hopefully developers 4J Studios will find a way to make this possible, as they’ll know deep down that the majority of new Xbox One owners will want to make use of this. With the game now possible on next-gen hardware, we’re presuming that it means that all Minecraft environments on Xbox One will be truly endless to match what is possible on the PC version.

Will you be picking up Minecraft on Xbox One, despite the fact that you won’t be able to transfer data from Xbox 360?

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