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Galaxy S4 wireless charging, Samsung or Verizon branded

If you own the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and have been looking online for an official wireless charging cover and dock, you may have been disappointed to find out that Verizon are still not selling them online. However, reports are coming in that the cases are now on stock in actual retail stores, offering consumers the chance to charge their prized asset in style and away from any wire hassle.

Unfortunately, enabling wireless charging on your Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t exactly cheap. Samsung are offering cases for $39.99, plus a wireless charging dock for a further $49.99, bringing the total to a scary $90. Still though, consumers have been happy enough to buy from Samsung for them to initially sell out, so they are definitely in high demand.

Now, it looks like Verizon are planning to offer their own wireless charging cases for the Galaxy S4, ones which are sadly branded with Verizon’s logo and further 4G LTE branding, as seen here at Droid Life. The price in store for the cases are $39.99, the same as Samsung’s official ones, which may pose a question to yourself as to why you would even opt for a branded one rather than Samsung’s own one for the same price.

The good news, is that those of you who are already in possession of a Qi charging pad, will be pleased to find out that the same pad can be used to charge the Galaxy S4 as well – so you just need the $40 case, rather than another pad on top. If you’re interested in picking up a Samsung wireless charging cover straight away, it looks like they are still in stock online through Samsung’s website here.

Do you have wireless charging enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S4? If so, let us know how much you paid to get everything working.



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