Xbox One has the power of ten Xbox 360 consoles

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2013

We have heard a lot about the power of the PS4 recently, but now it’s time to tell you about what the Xbox One will be able to do thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox One engineer manager. Those buying the new Xbox at launch will apparently get a console that has the power of more than ten Xbox 360 consoles.

That is pretty staggering when you think about it, just from the Xbox 360 transition over to next-gen. A console that is ten times more powerful than the Xbox 360 is going to be able to produce some serious power, power that is apparently ‘limitless’ according to Microsoft’s Jeff Henshaw.

When speaking in a recent interview as noted by, Henshaw added that the new Xbox One hardware will allow the system to process tasks ‘without breaking a sweat’, with further additional power available via cloud computing. With the power of ten Xbox 360 consoles now at their disposal, what we really need to see is software that shows us this claim in black and white.

We are obviously not going to see the true power of the Xbox One straight away at launch as developers need time to tap into a console’s full potential – The Last of Us on PS3 being a good example of this. Having said that, Microsoft already has some launch titles coming which give us an idea of what Henshaw is talking about.

Ryse by Crytek is one of these games and if you saw the new gameplay demo at E3, you’ll know that the game is looking absolutely stunning. Quantum Break is another Xbox One exclusive from the makers of Alan Wake that is looking excellent in the graphics department, so perhaps Jeff Henshaw really isn’t kidding.

Is the power of ten Xbox 360 consoles enough for you though? The dark cloud surrounding other issues of the Xbox One such as used-game policies seems to be creating a lot of confusion at the moment. Let us know what you think about the potential power of the Xbox One.

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  • I don’t doubt the power, but public perception rules. Once the energy shifts, it will be very difficult for Microsoft to gain followers (as they learned in the last generation). The XBox 360 had less overall strength, but most of the public persuaded which drew all the overwhelming strength that the PS2 had and left it in the dust. We’re currently about to swing radically the other way again. This will be the realm of the PS4 this time.

    • cripper

      completely agree with you Darren, the DRM issue alone is going to cost m$ a lot of sales.
      I assume the ps4 will have similar capabilities, with the extra firepower it is going to make horde mode games very interesting indeed (one big wave of enemies rather than several small ones).