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PS4 Remote Play endless opportunities on PS Vita

If Killzone Shadow Fall is set to be one of the Sony PS4 launch games that you will buy this year, it looks like you are in for a big treat if you also own a PS Vita. It’s time to dust off the cobwebs from Sony’s handheld as Killzone Shadow Fall is confirmed by Guerilla to support Remote Play at launch.

It essentially means that you’ll be able to pause your stunning session on the television screen, change back to some cable programmes and continue your gameplay session using your PS Vita’s 5-inch OLED screen, streaming the game using a WiFi connection.

It’s a known fact that we didn’t see the full potential of this on the PS3, but thankfully Sony are making it a PS4 system feature across the majority of titles, meaning that you just have to buy a PS4 game and Remote Play should work without any further tinkering.

It sounds simple, but it seemed to be a big problem on PS3 and PSP – not to mention a great deal of hassle for developers just to implement a PS3 game with Remote Play features. Thankfully it is looking like these problems will be non-existant with PS4, with Guerilla recently confirming at E3 that Shadow Fall will not only have Remote Play features, but PlayGo as well.

This will allow those that are installing the game to the hard drive, to be able to start playing at the same time. The same method will also apply to titles bought from the PlayStation Store – just start the download and be able to play once a certain amount of game data has been copied to the system.

With Remote Play set for all PS4 games, it means that you’ll be able to transfer upcoming games such as GTA V, Final Fantasy XV and The Order 1886 all to the PS Vita – how about that? Let us know if you intend to pick up a PS Vita now, just for this purpose. Check out the official Killzone Shadow Fall box art here.



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