Haswell MacBook Pro delay theories – Thunderbolt 2, production issues

By Peter Chubb - Jun 14, 2013

Apple upset many of their fans when they released the MacBook Air 2013 refresh, complete with the new Intel Haswell CPU and improved battery life, but left the MacBook Pro alone. However, you shouldn’t get too upset, because there are two possible reasons for this, one of which should be seen as a positive.

One possible reason for the 2013 MacBook Pro Haswell delay could be due to potential production issues, because it has been suggested that releasing two new devices could have caused a bottleneck in production. Okay, we know what you are thinking, and you are right, as this is of no concern to us, because Apple should be used to such production issues by now.

However, we kind of like the idea of the second reason for the delay, and that is the possibility of a MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 2. This one does make sense, as we know that the next-gen Mac Pro is to come with Thunderbolt 2, and so the two models could be released around the same time, although they will be assembled in different assembly plants in different parts of the world.

Let’s say for one moment this is true, then the MacBook Pro 2013 refresh could be worth the wait, as it will come with the new Haswell processor, and could also come with Thunderbolt 2 and be released in time to come pre-installed with Mac OS X Mavericks, instead of having to install it over Mountain Lion.

We’d like to think that the new MacBook pro would also take advantage of improved battery life, just as the 2013 MacBook Air does, although we doubt it would be able to achieve the same sort of battery life figures.

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  • Steven

    Quite honestly, I think Apple held off on the MacBook Pro for one reason, to release a surprise this September. Everyone’s expecting a minor spec update but knowing Apple, I bet they have a trick up their sleeve. Remember the patent they just filed for a touchscreen computer ? I have a feeling that there was no news on the Pro because Apple is working on perfecting the next Macbook Pro which will have a touch screen display. Then again, this is only just Amy opinion.

  • ♥ zachary ♥

    so.. any projections of when the refreshed haswell pros will come out? fall WWDC announcement?