Halo 5 Xbox One cinematic teases a special 2014

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2013

Every Xbox fan was excited to see a potential Halo 5 game unveiled on Xbox One hardware for the first time, and it looks like Microsoft and Halo developers 343 Industries didn’t disappoint. You may have watched the initial announcement teaser at E3 via a live stream, but now we have the cinematic again for you – this time in HD quality.

The Xbox One is expected to launch at some point in November, with Microsoft now confirming 21 countries at launch with a $399 price in the US. Although it would have been amazing to have a new Halo title ready for the launch of the console, Microsoft has confirmed that Halo 5 is not ready yet and will instead be available in 2014.

Everybody is calling this new game Halo 5, but Microsoft has been keen to point out that 343 Industries has not given the name a full title yet. Could we see a spinoff of Halo 4, or are Microsoft just delaying the inevitable and this is definitely Halo 5 that we are seeing?


Whatever happens, this cinematic looks amazing and could be the Halo game that fans have been waiting to play for a long time. Also, with the new hardware on board, it looks like this Halo game will finally run at a solid 60 frames per second throughout. The build-up to the reveal of Master Chief in the clip was brilliantly done and it definitely went down well with the E3 audience as we watched the video live during Microsoft’s conference.

If this is the quality of cutscene graphics that we can expect to see in the full game, consider us very excited indeed. Despite the negativity surrounding the Xbox One console at the moment, we’re willing to bet that many consumers will still be buying the console just to play this new Halo game.

Are you one of them? Tell us your initial reaction to this Halo teaser. What direction would you like to see the game go this time after Halo 4?

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  • XxCrzyLegzxX

    Hope the next time around things are a little better. Halo 4 was defiantly a learning experience for the company,and hopefully the competiveness that once made this game a giant is brought back.

  • Adam Persson

    When i saw that musterious robe walking a desert, my firsth thought was that this might be the new thing that original Halo developers Bungie ar working at, but as soon as i saw that hand/glove whith that brick/chip, it was clear that this was Halo, and in the next second, that hoos blows off. Awesome!

    I hope this wouls be a bigger, longer game, without a new matchmaking or online play.. Wish this would be focused on just the campaing! Halo 4 Mulitiplayer still works good, just throw in a few maps and more sparta ops! 🙂