Xbox One countries list creates new problems

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2013

It’s fair to say that a lot of consumers believe that Sony has ‘won’ E3 2013 this year. We’re hearing plenty of feedback, even from loyal Xbox 360 owners who say that the Sony PS4 is now the more tempting console, after Microsoft’s problems involving used-games policies and an always-on internet requirement.

Now, it looks like Microsoft has dropped another bombshell via press release by revealing a very small list of countries that Xbox One and Xbox Live will be supported in. More specifically, the list confirms that Xbox One will not be supported in Japan, Asia region, Africa region, Portugal, Poland and many other countries at launch.

Just think about that for a second. No Xbox One and Xbox Live support at launch in countries like Japan and Hong Kong is a shocking decision. We’re hearing whispers that Microsoft plans to add support for Asia for the Xbox One, but only during the latter stages of 2014 which is also very surprising to hear.

Argentina is another country left off the list, a country where we’re sure there are millions of happy Xbox 360 gamers right now – how are they going to feel just seeing Brazil listed as one of the only South American countries to support Xbox One at launch? Microsoft are surely asking for trouble on this and it’s hard to defend seeing cold hard facts like this.

It’s also somewhat disappointing to see that such important information was again left out of their press conference. By revealing via press release, do they just hope that the information is passed by without notice? It almost reminds us once again of Adam Orth’s infamous Twitter comments, when he told people to “deal with it”, when criticized by consumers after defending always-on and DRM policies.

The full list of countries to support Xbox One and Xbox Live is below. Give us your reaction to this, considering the information is coming out of a press release, not at E3. Xbox 360 owners, are you disappointed by this as well?

List of Countries

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

Dont live in these countries? Deal with it, apparently.

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  • fuckcunt

    PC is still the best.

  • JohnO

    I have xbox 360 but will switch to PS4 before upgrading to this very stupid marketing move.



  • Kevin

    I really like the 360 but I buy games new and after completion I sell to get some money back? Why would I want to buy a game for around £50 that I’d have to keep? If I traded it in I’d get peanuts because now the retailer has to pay Microsoft as well as making a profit himself!! That is so f*^king greedy Microsoft you grabbing b*^tards.
    I’m always connected to net so that don’t bother me but you lost my custom you bell f*^king ends just saying like.

  • Necronomicon

    Maybe Microsoft has been taken over by Apple. Sounds like the cr@p Apple does. I’ll stick with the 360 since I don’t use it that much and PS4 all the way

  • mivanov

    bwaha, who cares… Wasn’t going to buy Xbox one anyway, but now that I know that it’s not even supported in Luxembourg it becomes even easier ! Fack ya M$ !

  • Jack Randall

    There is a clear reason why the console won’t be supported in Asia till 2014. It won’t be released in Asia til 2014.

    • NgTurbo

      What about gamers in South Africa and Portugal? Argentina, Poland Jack?

  • Guest

    i am not happy with this at all

  • Nemanja Rašković

    SHITBOX!!! SONY IS NO.1 PS1, PS2, PS3 and now PS4 all ps consoles were the best!!!

    • mivanov

      nah actually xbox 360 really was a very good console, I hated PS when it first came out. I was a N64 guy. but then I got the PS2 which was brilliant, then the 360, and now it seems like it’s time to go back to PS again.

  • Fr33D

    I understand Microsoft’s strategy and its a good one, and even though gamers are nerd raging against them right now, the Redmond team knows that they have a good product that will pay off in the long run. The part I don’t understand is their inability to hide their arrogance and the apparent complete disconnect with gamers’ sentiment.

    We all know that gamers like to complain and vow to boycott the “evildoer” into submission only to fork out the money on release day, but it should not be taken for granted.

  • Desu

    xbox one was set to be trash when the only features they could talk about at e3 had barely anything to do with gaming

  • kathy

    This is horrible. you guys are barly gonna sell any of them because of its problems and you guys trying to be greedy and have so many accustomed things to it. i was a very happy 360 gamer but now ima be switching to ps4 and so will many others. this is a big disapoinment.

    • btmCR

      I’m also a 360 gamer and I’m sad for being pushed to buy a PS4 by MS itself. I was initially a little doubtful about purchasing the Xbox One console for its price tag. However, after I knew my country is not in the supported list, I have no choice, because my friends are already deciding for PS4 due to country restrictions. If I waited for support for my country, I would end alone, having no one to play with. Really stupid decision making from Redmond: with all these restrictions and the fact that all your existing 360 stuff won’t work on Xbox One (controllers, games, etc.), what is going to stop people like me from switching to PS4?

  • Adagio densetsu

    A big second F*ckkk from your dear company Microsoft…