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Trio of Pentax cameras, K-50, K-500 and Q7

It seems like we have been waiting an age for any news on the canon 70D release date, and while we could hear something very soon, we were surprised that a trio of Pentax cameras snuck up behind us. The three cameras are the K-50 and K-500, which are both DSLR models, and the Q7, which is of the mirrorless variety.

The K-50 is a decent upgrade from the K-30, and so it’s no surprise to see weather sealing and the rather funky color customization. If you want a camera where you do not need to conform, the K-50 is it, because it does not look like most DSLRs, and it’s even more surprising that this is a top-level DSLR complete with a 16-megapixel sensor and continuous shooting at 6FPS. Don’t worry if it’s a windy day or you shake a little, as the K-50 can take advantage of its innovative in-body shake reduction system. More details on this camera can be found here.

Next up we have the Pentax K-500, which also shares many of the features as the K-50, although this is more of a mid-range device, even though it will come at an entry-level price. If you are a casual photographer, then you may wish to add this to your list, as it will tick all the right boxes. The K-500 really does make use of some great Pentax technology, more of which can be seen in detail here.

If what you are looking for is a bit of fun when taking photos, then the PENTAX Q7 could be the camera for you, as it reminds me of one of those throwaway cameras you find at a wedding. Having said that, you do not want to underestimate this camera, as it is small, light and powerful, thanks to those interchangeable lenses. More information here.

The release date for the K-50 and the K-500 is in July, and the Q7 will be released on August.



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