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Sketchy Nexus 7 2 release date and sequel price confirmation

During the Google I/O event last month we saw what we thought was the Nexus 7 2 during one of their commercials, although it was never identified. Since then we haven’t heard a thing, but now we have come across some details, in what could be the Nexus 7 2 release date, along with its price as well.

However, we should not take this as confirmation as to the Nexus 7 sequel price or release date, because it’s sketchy at best. Having said that, it’s always best to look at this with an open mind, because DigiTimes has been on the money in the past.

If we are to believe the report, then the 2nd-generation Nexus 7 could be released sometime in July and could have a starting price of $229 for the base model. It’s not much of a stretch to consider next month as the date the Nexus 7 sequel is released, as it would be a year since its predecessor was released.

DigiTimes has been paying close attention to the supply chain and believes there has been movement when it comes to parts for the Nexus 7 second-generation, and so we do hope this leak is correct.

Rumored Nexus 7 2 price – We do find this rumored price rather interesting, as it would make it $30 more costly than the current version. We had assumed that Google and ASUS would be aggressive with their pricing, especially when you consider they will be trying to outdo the iPad mini 2.

Having said that, you have to realize that Google and ASUS need to make a number of improvements, as the current Nexus 7 does lack in key areas, such as having no rear-facing camera, and the processor being a little slow. And so, they will need to correct these issues, which as you know will come at a price, although, Apple has a habit of upping their game, but not passing that extra cost on to their customers.



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