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Increased iPad storage with Smart Cargo for 2013

Following on from the success of the Smarter Stand for iPad, Dotan Saguy felt there was a gap in the market for another accessory to attach to Apple’s Smart Cover. The new product is called the Smart Cargo, which will give you increased iPad storage without the need for a bag.

When you want to carry some iPad accessories with you, you have to have a bag with you to put these things in, but with the Smart Cargo, for iPad, it does that job for you. You’ll see in the video that you can store cables, headphones etc. However, that’s not the best thing, as its popularity is.

The creator has advertised the Smart Cargo on the Kickstarter website on June 10, and had asked for an investment of $10,000 by August 6. However, 3 days later this Kickstarter project has achieved $28,279 in funding, and there are still 57 days to go. It’s safe to say that the Smart Cargo will see a release date, but were we that concerned, consideraing the success Dotan Saguy has had with the Smarter Stand?

You can get a far better idea of how the Smart Cargo for iPad works in the video below, although we can tell you that the accessory is held onto the Smart Cover with magnets, and allows it to act as storage for your iPad accessories, but also a stand, a handle and even wrist support if you wish to detach it from your iPad.

The iPad storage device should be released any time after August 2013, which is when the Kickstarter program ends. It’s nice to see some practical ideas come about, as we all know there are some strange ones on the crowd sourcing website, and this latest one was thought up during the designer’s time while working on the Smarter Stand. We have to wonder what else he is working on, seeing as though the Smart Cargo also looks to be a success?



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