Battlefield 4 Commander impressions, PS Vita visions

Earlier on this week, we gave you the confirmation that Battlefield 4 would support 64 players for the first time on the next-gen Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. If that wasn’t good enough for you, DICE has also confirmed that the popular Commander mode is returning as well to both PC and console.

If you played Battlefield 2, you’ll know all about Commander mode. If not, you are in for a pleasant surprise indeed as the commander role will give you an entirely different Battlefield experience that you won’t have witnessed in Battlefield 3. One commander will be assigned to both teams and they won’t play any part as a ground solider.

This means that effectively, Battlefield 4 will actually support 66 players – 64 players on PC and next-gen console, plus two commanders with one on each team. The commander will be able to see a full birds-eye view of the entire map, giving them a tactical heads-up on the map. They can then communicate directly with the team-leaders of each squad, even being able to view a live video feed of the action going on in the squad-leaders current position.

Once the team has acquired enough points on a map, abilities will become available for the commander to use. This will include things like UAV, firing tomahawk missiles to try and take out tanks and even send in gunships for some heavy assistance. It all sounds amazing but wait – DICE has confirmed that the experience will be available on tablets too, with players able to join in as a commander using Battlelog.

That is fantastic news without doubt, but the icing on the cake in our opinion would be for the PS Vita to get a Battlefield 4 Commander mode app. Imagine playing on PS4 on the TV, then being selected as the commander on the PS Vita version, which syncs up to servers on the PlayStation network.

It would be a great move if DICE were to allow it, so hopefully they will be thinking the same thing. DUST 514 has a similar connectivity app with the PS Vita, so we don’t see why DICE couldn’t make a similar app for PS Vita – just for the commander mode. What do you think of this idea – would you like to see it as well? Imagine being in a Starbucks cafe on WiFi, hooked up to a 64 man match as the commander whilst enjoying your favorite caramel latte? We can all dream.



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