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Final Fantasy XV isn’t PS4 exclusive, best graphics of E3?

Everyone was expecting to see an update on the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII at E3 2013, and Square-Enix certainly didn’t disappoint. The famed Japanese developer beamed out a video message at the event, unveiling a brand new gameplay trailer for Versus XIII, but with the shock twist at the end that the game shown is now in fact being transformed into Final Fantasy XV.

This was heavily speculated prior to the event anyway and it looks like those rumors were correct. Final Fantasy XV is going to be releasing on the Sony PS4, but it won’t be an exclusive title as some of you may have thought at Sony’s event. Square-Enix has now given some amazing news to Xbox fans, by confirming that the new game is going to be available on Xbox One as well.

You’ll remember that Square-Enix originally revealed Final Fantasy Versus XIII in 2006 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. However, Square-Enix has said at E3 that Final Fantasy Versus XIII, now XV, is being built using Direct X11 and therefore makes it easier to port the game between the two platforms.


We think it was expected as well. Final Fantasy XIV has also been recently confirmed for the Xbox One, so it was inevitable that Final Fantasy XV would soon follow as well. It now means that everyone can enjoy the game together and hopefully we won’t have any heated discussions on which version will look better.

The graphics seen in the trailer though are nothing short of amazing and we would even go as far to say that this trailer could be the best shown at E3, in the graphics department. At the moment, there’s no indication on whether the video was running on PS4 or Xbox One hardware. Then again, we wouldn’t be surprised if Square-Enix used some sneaky industry tactics to make the video on PC instead.

It also looks like Final Fantasy XV will not be available on PS3 or Xbox 360. Take a look at those graphics and you’ll probably understand why. Also don’t expect the game by the end of 2013, as Square-Enix has already confirmed that it won’t be ready until at least after March 2014.

Would you agree that Final Fantasy XV was the graphical highlight of E3 2013, or do you have some other contenders for us?

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