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2013 Mac Pro expandability, or lack of it a potential problem

We do find it strange when the likes of Samsung come up with a completely new design for one of their devices they are looked at as visionary’s, but when Apple do the same thing, they are ridiculed. Both companies have their good and bad points, and so we use this as a great opportunity to admire the design of the all-new Mac Pro for 2013.

It’s clear that Apple has outdone them self, as from what we have already seen the 2013 Mac Pro is like nothing we have seen before in the desktop market. However, don’t think for one moment that this gives them a free ticket, as it’s clear there are several issues, not only with concerns over the price, but also with its expandability, or lack of it.

2013 Mac Pro expandability – We already know that this new model will be 1/8 the size of its predecessor, but having a larger workstations makes for easy upgrades, but this will not be the same for the new, smaller model. We’ve already seen what happens when Apple takes something and makes it smaller, the MacBook Air, because it’s impossible to upgrade, and we fear this will be the case with the next-gen Mac Pro.

One of the biggest issues is the lack of spare drive bays, which is one of the more important features of any desktop. One has to wonder if this was done so that new Mac Pro owners will choose to connect extra storage via Thunderbolt instead?

We’re not certain how easy it will be to replace some of the other hardware, but because of its size, some of that hardware could be custom built and obtainable by Apple alone, and there’s also the issue of how you will get inside in the first place.



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