Why the Sony PS4 is still value for money

By Alan Ng - Jun 11, 2013

Sony has just wrapped up their hugely anticipated E3 2013 press conference, finally unveiling to the world what the console design will look like. There are a vast list of positives to come out of Sony’s event which we’ll focus on soon, but now we discuss the only negative aspect of Sony’s press conference – online multiplayer on PS4 will require a subscription to PS Plus.

Online gaming on the PS3 has remained free for many years, while Microsoft have always required Xbox 360 gamers to have a Gold subscription to play online. Now, with the transition over to PS4, it looks like Sony have finally made the decision to charge for online gaming.

To confirm, online multiplayer on the PS4 will cost you $4.99 a month as part of your PS Plus subscription. As many happy PS Plus subscribers on PS3 already know though, that price includes significant value for your money – notably from cloud game saves and access to the instant game collection.

We’re happy to confirm that Sony are also rolling over PS Plus subscriptions to the PS4, meaning that one subscription at $4.99 at month will give you access to PS Plus across PS3 and PS Vita. As a bonus, Sony revealed at E3 that the first game to be included as part of the PS4 instant game collection, will be Drive Club – free as part of your subscription and obviously worth a lot more than $5.

Worried consumers should also take into consideration that the PS4 at $399 will be $100 cheaper in the US than the Xbox One, which we’ll talk about in a lot more detail soon. With this in mind, does this make the $5 fee per month on top a formality? It will be $10 cheaper to buy a 1 year subscription to PS Plus at $50, so that is still $450 in total with online multiplayer included and 12 month’s access to a vast list of games for free.

As we provide you with the big stories coming out of E3 this week, tell us if you think the $5 price per month to play PS4 multiplayer is a big problem for you or not. Who can honestly say that the Sony PS4 is not value for money, despite the online fee?

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  • DrCannabis

    How do you hate the Xbox controller? Do you have abnormally small and disformed hands? Playstation controller bothers my hands after 5 minutes I’m afraid you’re only reason for hating the Xbox is one of the advantages it has over playstation. Arthritis much for all the playstation guys

  • gonnagetanewpc

    The only reason for me to switch to sony just got squashed,

    • DanO

      It’s still cheaper the Xbox live subscription, but I’d say if you’re use to the Xbox 360 and don’t mind the DRM and “Always online” stick with the Xbox one. I’ll be going Ps4 cause I hate 360 controller.

  • The Last of U

    Still value for the money but not as much bang as on the Xbox ONE.

  • saintfighteraqua

    I don’t mind for me at all, since I couldn’t do without Plus anyway. It’s such an amazing value.
    I guess some people will be upset, but as you said, it’s still $110 cheaper on PS4 than Xbox.

    • Simon Rowley

      totally agree with you there saintfighteraqua its a part of my Playstation set up i couldn’t be without now, by the time the PS4 comes out I will be about be renewing my PS+ subscription so I wouldn’t mind, its a total bargain.