Pokemon X and Y special event after E3 2013 news

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2013

We have a fantastic Pokemon X and Y news update to bring you now, especially to those who are planning to tune in E3 2013 this week. Pokemon fans across the globe are waiting for the Pokemon X and Y roundtable event at E3, but we confirm that this weekend, there will also be another X and Y event over in Japan on top.

That means that this week is going to be simply unmissable for those looking for new information on Pokemon X and Y. If we do not see new Pokemon revealed at the X and Y roundtable this week, then we definitely will on Sunday June 16 – during a special Pokemon X and Y edition of Japan show Pokemon Smash.

Director for the game Junichi Masuda is going to be in attendance at the Pokemon X and Y roundtable in Los Angeles this week, but the busy man has also been confirmed to be appearing back in Japan during the special episode of Pokemon Smash next Sunday. During the weekly show, we usually see small snippets of Pokemon-related information – but this one has been highlighted as an X and Y special.

It also looks to cover any details that Nintendo and Game Freak do not have time to show at E3 2013 – despite a 90 minute roundtable event. We have seen the likes of GoGoat and Pancham unveiled recently, but it’s safe to say that we are going to see brand new Pokemon revealed before the end of next week.

We have previously talked about the painful wait for official Pokemon X and Y news, but it looks like Nintendo and Game Freak are firmly going to be making up for lost time. If you are a big Pokemon X and Y fan, tell us what you would like to see at E3 2013, and then a few days later during the Pokemon X and Y special on Pokemon Smash.

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  • i’m frustrated

    i would like to see this event omg everyone is talking about it, BUT WHERE ARE THEY WATCHING IT??

  • N

    I wonder in the battle mechanics they make make it that when Pokemon is paralyzed and then hit with electric attack it automatically can’t move for that turn

  • pik

    I would likethem to confirm two things is kangaskhan cubone’s mother and whar are diglets feet

  • Iruna

    I want to see the new battle scheme .-.

  • MasterBB

    I would like to see the new started evolution to know which to choose!!

  • anonymous

    I would like to see evolutions of old Pokemon like Lapras and Jynx.

  • Tempest

    id like 2 c new pokemon, evolutions and some awesome new gameplay. Some details on yvetal and xerneas wont hurt either.