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Final Fantasy XV PS4 promotion at E3 2013

While we will be getting new exciting reveals for the likes of Battlefield 4 and maybe even Fallout 4 at E3 2013, you may have forgotten that Square-Enix are also bringing their next-gen Final Fantasy game on the Sony PS4 to the event as well. It promises to be an unmissable occasion for RPG fans and now we have further evidence that we are just hours away from a new Final Fantasy reveal.

It was back in February during Sony’s PS4 reveal that Square-Enix briefly took to the stage to confirm that the next-gen Final Fantasy will be appearing at E3. Since then, we haven’t heard anything on the game or indeed further evidence to suggest that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be transformed into Final Fantasy XV – until now that is.

Final Fantasy for the PS4 has now appeared on the French Amazon site. You can view it here as the listing is still alive open for all to see, at a price of 70 Euros. While this isn’t too surprising since we know the game is coming, this alleged 2013 E3 poster is a lot more revealing.

As you can see, it potentially unveils Final Fantasy XV and a brand new Kingdom Hearts game that is coming, along with Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn which we already know about. Pay attention to that Final Fantasy XV logo though, as you’ll see that the artwork is the same that Square-Enix used for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Although it may look real, it is never too difficult to produce a faked-image these days – so definitely be very cautious about this. Assuming it is true, then Final Fantasy Versus XIII will become FF15 after all and at last – another Kingdom Hearts game to enjoy, for the PS4 as well we hope.

One thing we don’t want to see though is just cutscene footage. Square-Enix are famous for just showing off cutscene graphics at events, and no actual gameplay. When they finally announce Final Fantasy for the PS4 – we want to see some real hard gameplay. That will firmly get fans on board.



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