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All-new AirPort Extreme with enhanced performance

Apple seems to have been on a mission a few hours earlier, as they were not only intent with showing off iOS 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks, but also some new products as well. These include the MacBook Air, Mac Pro, but also an all-new AirPort Extreme base station as well as an AirPort Time Capsule.

The all-new Airport Extreme not only looks very different, but has several changes, such as what has been described as “beamforming” antenna configuration. This is said to help give the new model enhanced performance, something that is always welcome with such new products.

It was obvious that Apple was going to update their AirPort Extreme, as they needed to include 802.11ac technology, which is now being used in the 2013 MacBook Air and should provide up to 3x faster WiFi, along with a clearer signal.

Don’t worry about not being on the correct frequency, as this new model switches from 2.4GHz and 5GHz automatically, so you should never suffer from performance loss.

If you head over to the Apple website you will see how very different the AirPort Extreme and the all-new Time Capsule for 2013 looks.

Prices are as follows: The all-new AirPort Extreme costs $199.00, the 2TB AirPort Time Capsule costs $299.00 and the 3TB version costs $399, which is a pretty good deal for an extra TB, especially when you consider you pay almost an extra hundred dollars just to double your iPhone storage.



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