Sony PS4 anxiety after Xbox One DRM confirmation

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2013

With just days to go until Microsoft’s big E3 2013 press conference, the company has finally decided to own up and clarify some hard truths on the big confusion regarding DRM and used-game policies on the Xbox One. It was suggested that the next-gen system needed an internet check every 24 hours – now it has been confirmed as a done deal.

Microsoft has released a series of press releases, confirming that offline gaming on the Xbox One will not be possible unless you have an internet connection. You will be able to play offline for up to 24 hours, but after that Microsoft has now confirmed in black and white that gaming won’t be possible – only live TV and movie watching.

Another issue clarified is when you come to signing into your Xbox Live profile on a different console. Microsoft has confirmed that you’ll be able to do this, but you can only access your information for one hour, before the system will need an internet check before continuing. If you have no connection after one hour on a different console – you won’t be able to continue.

We’re also relieved to see that Microsoft has also taken the time to clear up the mess regarding used game policies on the Xbox One as well. It’s not good news though, as while Microsoft confirms that used-game fees will not be employed by them, they will be leaving it up to the publishers on a game-by-game basis to decide themselves whether they want to adopt fees, or indeed allow used-games to work on the Xbox One.

How about this though – you will be able to sell your used Xbox One game, but only at ‘participating retailers’, so no more trading games in at your favorite, but lesser known private game store. Even then, it will be up to the publisher of the game in question, as to whether you can trade the game in at all. While Microsoft appears to shift the problem away – which publishers are actually going to allow used-games to be in heavy circulation when most publishers are largely against used games anyway?

It is not particularly good reading, but at least Microsoft has finally clarified the situation which they needed to do. To recap, you definitely need an internet connection to play Xbox One and publishers will be in charge as to whether you’ll need to pay an activation fee on top and in charge of whether you can trade in their game or not. Give us your reaction to this.

After hearing this information, does it cast a potential doubt in your mind that Sony may actually be thinking of the same plans with regards to used-game licenses? We already know that the PS4 will not need an internet connection at all times for offline gaming, but the used-game PS4 debate is still very uncertain at this point.

Are you still planning to buy the Xbox One, or does this make your decision to go with PS4 much more justified now?

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  • Jes

    This is terribly disappointing. It’s sad to see. I’ve been a pretty avid Xbox user since the original Xbox, always preferring the Xbox and Xbox 360 over it’s competitors. But now, I don’t see how I can buy an Xbox One. It’s basically turned itself into an inferior PC(with TV capabilities, but I already have a functional TV provider that I plan to keep). If the PS4 follows the path the Xbox One has in terms of DRM, I’ll probably just start avoiding consoles. If not, I’m 100% behind buying a PS4. If Sony keeps it’s current stance on not needing an online connection and having free online play, AND ALSO adopts the more consumer-friendly DRM approach that’s currently in use by the PS3 and Xbox 360, it WILL win the console war. Easily. At least, if people are intelligent and informed enough to make the right choice. But whatever any other company does, when it comes to the Xbox One, the chances of me buying that thing have plummeted drastically and quickly. Hell, I’d be tempted to buy a PS4 just out of spite, as a form of retaliation, to help Sony bury Microsoft in the upcoming console war.

    • josh

      well said, I hope sony does not mess up I want a console because I can not afford a power house pc. I have always been a sony man tbh they don’t nickel and dime me and have proprietary hardware. Also find online to be comparable except for lack of cross game chat that will exist on the PS4. I just want a more advanced PS3 with added positive features that don’t stray completely from gaming. I do not need a tv provider through my ps4 just put Netflix, hulu, free online, cross game chat, better graphics and better frame rates, faster load times, better rendering, and we are cool. Free cloud access and steam would be cool.

      • josh

        do not have proprietary hardware*

  • sininchaos

    this is terrible. Xbox is really messing themselves up with this and it will not go well with gamers in my opinion. I’m heading toward the PS4!

  • Angry gamer

    Being an avid Xbox fan for 5 years and gaining over 100k Gamerscore I am sad to say after reading this artical I will not be buying an Xbox one. It all boils down to money at the end of day. Also it is highly possible that Rental Store like Blockbuster will go under as they will most likely lose thier game rental revenue. So not only does Microsoft just want your money; Thier policies could cost people thier jobs.

    I would say to people do not buy the xbox to send Microsoft a message but people are going to anyways and Microsoft will continue to exploit the consumer and destroy the gaming culture that has been here since the 80s. Not being able to lend your games out to friends. This is a dark time for gaming.

  • Orange Lada

    Wii U … Have a PS3 and don’t see any value in moving to a PS4 yet.

    PS4 is a long-term maybe. Xbox One is a definite NO!

  • yo

    They are trying to push blame on the publishers. Of course they’ll be using the fee system because Microsoft implemented it!!!

  • slims_post

    Sony patent United States Application US20130007892

    • Kai Oliver Taylor

      Sony own 1000s of patents they’ve never used. You should be thankful SONY owns that patent and nt MICROSOFT. Sony have confirmed time and time again that PS4 will work without a internet connection or used games. Hell even weeks before the damn thing was annoced.

  • slims_post

    Sony’s used games will be resticted using an RFID tracking chip in the discs, or at least that is what a recent patent filing says.

    • Kai Oliver Taylor

      Sony own 1000s of patents they’ve never used. You should be thankful SONY owns that patent and nt MICROSOFT. Sony have confirmed time and time again that PS4 will work without a internet connection or used games. Hell even weeks before the damn thing was annoced. Silly xbox fan

      • herpdaderp

        Don’t be so naive until you’ve seen the E3 press conference, pretty sure Sony may still swing the same way.

      • slims_post

        No, Sony said they won’t block used games they’d leave it up to publishers but they’d still need a way of blocking them at the publishers request, it seems logical that this patent would be the answer but we won’t know for sure until Sony decides to state exactly what their policies are.

    • Mr.Ghilliesuit

      oh god how much is that disk going to cost?

  • Asher Madan

    I don’t know about this, I don’t really have an issue because I’m always connected. I’ll get the PS4 and XBox One because both have great exclusives I want to play. No point fighting over this.

  • Asher Madan

    I’m pretty sure they said publishers will decide about used games and if they need an internet connection for their games.

  • Asher Madan

    Sony has the same policy.

    • Kai Oliver Taylor

      No it does not. They have confirmed time and time again that the ps4 will game fine without any internet connection and WILL play used games.

    • AO

      Um…no it doesn’t.

  • slims_post

    Unless they’ve changed there minds, Sony has already said that used game fees are up to the publishers so sounds like the same thing.
    Wonder when Sony will choose to clarify their policy.

  • TheinsanegamerN

    Meh. doesnt matter. already switched to pc a long time ago. im getting a ps3 when the ps4 comes out, since the ps3 will have tons of good games. same thing has gone for almost every console ive owned (except the ps2). as for the xbox one….just wait and see how long until someone circumvents the online requirements. my bets are on 2-3 days

  • xpkiller

    omg that doesnt change our mind were still getting a ps4 once sony dont mess up,but i dought they will

    • Vroadrunner

      Sony said its up to the publisher…same as Microsoft. They also filed a patent for an “Offline DRM” system earlier this year. They will have DRM, it’ll just be different and they’ll not talk about it as long as they can get away with it :/

      • Victor

        Sony abandoned DRM, they confirmed it.

        • craig

          They didn’t confirm anything other than they will allow used games, they have actually said all the same things as Microsoftbut microdofMicrosofttake flack. When people realise that the same rules apply then all the flack will be on Sony, the only thing they have confirmed is that it’s up to publishers with is exactly the same as xbox

        • Kai Oliver Taylor

          Yes they did, It’s confirmed timne and time again taht they won’t block used game. STUPID xbox fanboy.

        • Fweds

          I think you need to understand a bit better, Sony may of said “They
          won’t block used games BUT the Xbox One also does NOT block used games either, it’s all how it’s worded and the real straight answers have so
          far been unanswered, So let’s say “it’s down to the devs then” let’s see how the devs could do it -.

          The PS4 dev decides “We want you to activate your used game registration code before you can play the game” =
          You can play a used game but the PS4 will have to have internet access immediately

          PS4 DEV decides “how many times that used game can be played on more than one system”

          Dev “wants you to have net access every 24 hours so it can check game is
          still valid and also not being used on a third console”.

          So until I hear the OFFICIAL FULL STATEMENT AND WORDING I am seeing the same restrictions on both consoles.

        • josh

          not true PS4 did Officially state that an internet access will not be required. They might still DRM us but online is not necessary. Do not argue I know what I am talking about.

        • Victor

          Did you see the ps4 e3 conference, got anything to say?

        • craig

          I think you will find I’m a fan of both xbox and playstation, I’ve owned every playstation and xbox and will own a ps4 and xbox one so I’m hardly bias unlike muppets like you. I’ve only stated facts andpersonally care less about drm on either console, I’m still gonna get both

      • jew

        whats DRM?

      • Kai Oliver Taylor

        No, Microsoft forces publishers to use 100% no used games bad internet destroying fees.

        Sony allows develpers to use no drm at all, and doesn’t want any game blocking drm.