GTA V Vs Watch Dogs, room for two open world games

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2013

After previously suggesting that Watch Dogs would be going head-to-head with GTA V, it appears that Ubisoft are now keen on setting the record straight in distinguishing both titles away from each other. While GTA V is due out this September, Watch Dogs will release a few months later in November, both on current gen systems and next-generation consoles as well.

It was back in February when we told you about Watch Dogs Vs GTA V being a ‘genuine battle’. Skip forward to this week though, as Ubisoft Montreal’s Jonathan Morin, creative director for Watch Dogs believes that there is enough room for ‘more than one great game in the world’ this year.

It doesn’t take a genius to interpret his comments as a way of trying to play down the big hype and battle between the two games, although it almost seems inevitable at this point now – especially with GTA V due out first. Morin has added that the differences with Watch Dogs, compared to GTA V will be evident to see, due to Watch Dog allowing players to “Control an entire city and invade population to provide a completely different way of interacting with your surroundings, thus offering unprecedented dynamism.”

Ubisoft are aiming to push gaming forward ‘in their own way’, stressing that “creating an experience is never about adding elements your neighbours [Rockstar] have.” With just a three month gap between the two releases though, it is going to be very difficult not to make comparisons on both titles – Ubisoft probably know this deep down.

What are your thoughts on the close release window of both games? Do you agree with Ubisoft, with the argument that there will be room for two open world games this year, or do you firmly believe that GTA V is going to walk all over Watch Dogs when November arrives?

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  • Lewis Hoggarth

    Well again you don’t know what you’re talking about GTAV is not on ps4/xbox one so you’re wrong there. and second he downplaying it for sure cos he know’s rockstar’s baby going to eat watch dogs alive. watch dogs even has next-gen and it still won’t sell as many copies as GTAV fact rant over. ps try to do abit more research before posting for hits

    • NgTurbo

      I don’t think you read the article properly. Watch Dogs is due out on both consoles, GTA V is not. Try to read a bit more clearly before posting negative feedback – have you seen some of the other GTA V articles recently?