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BlackBerry 10.2 walkthrough video previews update

We have some good news for BlackBerry fans now, as it looks like you are about to get a very early preview of what is in store for you later on in the year with the official update to BlackBerry 10.2. A video has emerged online, giving a very detailed look at some of the new features that will be available in the update.

Considering that the majority of consumers are yet to be updated to BlackBerry 10.1, this is a very early preview indeed of what BlackBerry 10.2 will have to offer. The update certainly hasn’t been detailed in an official capacity yet, but luckily the guys over at Crackberry forums have given fans something to discuss over the weekend.

The video shows off some some minor enhancements to the UI, along with new options for multiple alarm clocks and new BlackBerry Messenger features regarding channels. Unfortunately, there’s still no Skype integration with BlackBerry Hub, but remember that this is a very early edition of the software, so it could be months before we see a public release – meaning that new functionality is likely to feature on the final version.


It’s not the best video uploaded to show off the BlackBerry Z10 as author Kris Simundson points out a number of times in the video. It does provide an all new look at a brand new version of BlackBerry 10 though, so we think the comments on YouTube are a little harsh.

How far are we from an official update to BlackBerry 10.2? Considering that we are yet to see 10.1 rolled out to everyone, we would say pretty far off from now, but hopefully before the end of the Summer. Watch the clip above for yourself and let us know your initial reaction to BlackBerry 10.2.



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