State of Decay Australia delay has workaround

By Alan Ng - Jun 6, 2013

While most of you will be in a state of ecstasy at the moment as you endlessly play through State of Decay this week on Xbox 360, it appears that not everyone is happy. Australian gamers specifically have been disheartened to find out that the classification board is again holding up the game from releasing, with developers Undead Labs forcing to issue an apology over the issue.

It obviously isn’t the first time that Australian gamers have had to wait on big game releases due to the classifications board, and unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a set deadline for when a verdict can be reached. It’s particularly strange since the country has only just recently acquired an R18+ ratings category – but State of Decay is still missing on the Australian Live Marketplace.

Luckily for you, it appears that there is a sneaky little solution if you don’t want to wait until potentially next week. Many frustrated gamers have already taken matters into their own hands, by creating a US Xbox Live account from scratch, using a fake US address and then downloading the game from the US Live Marketplace to solve the problem.

Microsoft will apparently ask you if you want to transfer funds over from your Australian account to your newly made US one, but alternatively you could just put 1600 Microsoft Points on your account, by buying a code from various online retailers and receiving the information via email hours later.

This workaround appears to be working for a lot of disgruntled gamers, but will you resort to such tactics or wait until the classification board comes to a verdict? Let us know if you try it and whether it was successful for you or not. How many more games are going to fall victim to the board in Australia?

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  • zed

    i WANT to do this but it just seems like a lot of trouble. its like i will go into all that trouble only to have xbox find out in a month or so and close the account down. i really hate our australian classification board. there are many more slash and gore zombie games so why are they holding back as if its the first one of its kind? they have morals when it comes to games but have no problems letting hardcore porn into the country. have a look at their list of videos they have recently released into the australian public. most of them are hardcore porn. and you guys are holding back on a video game? stupid.

    • CousinNoonga

      Well we all know that games cause violence. It’s known fact that a game with enough violence and naughty words, turns nice little boys into murderous, cursing sodomites. Hardcore porn on the other hand, well obviously that has no affect on people. Surely no one would get any ideas of sick perverted fantasies, leading to sexual harassment and even rape.

      Jokes aside, I love how a simple zombie game can be banned or delayed classification, yet a show like the walking dead can showcase intense zombie gore. A show that gets mass publicity on foxtel. It just doesn’t make any sense.