Pokemon X and Y anime: Should Ash carry on?

By Alan Ng - Jun 6, 2013

With the new Pokemon X and Y game due out worldwide this October on the Nintendo 3DS, some of you may have forgotten that the game is also going to be joined by a new season of Pokemon anime, this time based on events within Pokemon X and Y and introducing the new Pokemon to a TV audience that will be featured in the game.

While the games have continued to go from strength to strength over the years, some Pokemon fans are starting to believe that the anime is going the opposite route, with storylines featuring main protagonist Ash Ketchum starting to becoming repetitive with each new season.

It is highly likely that Ash will be returning for the Pokemon X and Y, but is there a small doubt in your mind that you wish a new hero would instead feature? Bear in mind that the original voice actress for Ash (Veronica Taylor) is no longer providing the voice, it does now seem as if the makers of the show are failing to recreate the magic of the first season.

Assuming that Ash is returning, then who will he bring along with him on his travels? Will we see Iris and Cilan again as we saw in Black and White, or will we see two brand new sidekicks that will be introduced for the first time? If ever there was a time for a shake-up to the Pokemon anime, perhaps now is the time to do it with the arrival of Pokemon X and Y launching worldwide on the 3DS for the very first time in the series.

Have you continued to watch each Pokemon series every season, or did you stop watching after the eighth season? Let us know what direction you would like to see for the upcoming Pokemon X and Y series in October. Should Ash carry on or not?

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