Pokemon X and Y anime: Should Ash carry on?

By Alan Ng - Jun 6, 2013

With the new Pokemon X and Y game due out worldwide this October on the Nintendo 3DS, some of you may have forgotten that the game is also going to be joined by a new season of Pokemon anime, this time based on events within Pokemon X and Y and introducing the new Pokemon to a TV audience that will be featured in the game.

While the games have continued to go from strength to strength over the years, some Pokemon fans are starting to believe that the anime is going the opposite route, with storylines featuring main protagonist Ash Ketchum starting to becoming repetitive with each new season.

It is highly likely that Ash will be returning for the Pokemon X and Y, but is there a small doubt in your mind that you wish a new hero would instead feature? Bear in mind that the original voice actress for Ash (Veronica Taylor) is no longer providing the voice, it does now seem as if the makers of the show are failing to recreate the magic of the first season.

Assuming that Ash is returning, then who will he bring along with him on his travels? Will we see Iris and Cilan again as we saw in Black and White, or will we see two brand new sidekicks that will be introduced for the first time? If ever there was a time for a shake-up to the Pokemon anime, perhaps now is the time to do it with the arrival of Pokemon X and Y launching worldwide on the 3DS for the very first time in the series.

Have you continued to watch each Pokemon series every season, or did you stop watching after the eighth season? Let us know what direction you would like to see for the upcoming Pokemon X and Y series in October. Should Ash carry on or not?

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  • May

    I think Ash should stay but Misty and Brock should come back and stay. Or a new guy replacing ash and misty coming back. Either way Pokemon is not the same. The original characters made the show great .

  • bek

    how come ash gets all the starters

    • Harold Eckersley

      Because he does, live with it.

  • bek

    carry on ash

  • gerry rivers

    they could update pokemon alittle bit with a little more anime feel to it like the preview they did for the games. It should be alittle more intense but its same Pokemon-esque feel to it. I say if they are going to keep Ash let him grow up alittle bit and tackle new things or replace him all together.

  • :) pokemon

    They should replace ash because theirs new and old Pokemon coming then will need a new guy/girl. Ash has seen all the old Pokemon before. We definitely need new guy/girl

  • Gen 1 lover


  • Gen 1 lover


  • Gen 1 lover

    Speaking of which ash should seriously grow a little taller and a little older only then will they gain back the fans love peace

    • Harold Eckersley

      Well he gets teeth…

  • Gen 1 lover

    The producer should stop thinking about the money and think about the kids enjoyment nintendo WTF

  • Ash Hater

    Seriously ash go away and make sure not t come

  • N

    No ash stay

  • Audrey Dannard

    I think that they should make a new protagonist because ash is starting to get pretty stale it’s been 16 years (Japan) of the same thing

    1. Go to a new region

    2. Catch a lot of Pokemon

    3. Get 8 Badges

    4. Lose Pokemon league


    • Harold Eckersley

      You have a point, I certainly wouldn’t lose the championship every year, then lose to a level 5 Snivy, I mean COME ON!

  • bayleef i choose u

    I think a new character should come into it to take ashs place and bayleef should take pikachus lime light. Misty should make her return aswel. It would be awesome.

  • bobby

    they should older/ future version of ash who grants his Pikachu to his son !!!

  • actually has a brain

    It is most likely that ash will return and he should. It is fine for them to introduce new sidekicks, but I think everyone would like to see the return of misty. As for the veronica taylor part you are all IDIOTS! The show is PRODUCED in JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who we have voice one of the characters has absolutely NO effect on whether or not that character will return the voice actress for misty/jessie left YEARS ago and no one gave a crap! its about how the show and characters in them are presented by the creators not the actors. Thank you and good night pricks.

  • Adarsh Aich Sarkar

    I prefer that Ash carries on in the anime but however i would prefer that one of the Team Rocket Members Jessie or James becomes part of the travelling crew with Ash and i suggest that the Pokemon X and Y’s main lead girl should be part of the travelling crew with Ash and James,and i feel Ash’s Primeape should return and have a new evolution.

  • jaiden

    Ash should continue on in his journey but instead of having a boy and a girl travelling with him he should have 2 girls and they should be Misty, May or even Dawn. and with this new and up coming season maybe get ash to reunite with every pokemon he has had in the past seasons. Or instead of using ash in the new season instead of making the main character a boy make it a girl and maybe have a season of where one of the girls (Misty, May, Dawn or Iris) go around and they are the main characters and travel around doing contest batles or gym battles

  • Sara

    Ash should come back and also have the old characters show up (Misty, Brock, May, etc). Ash should also bring back some of his old pokemon like Bulbasaur, squirtle, etc and maybe even have Butterfree visit.

    • Sara


  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Ash should continue, although I would love his clothing to go back to the way they were in the original series-master quest, or at least something similar. I would also like to see Brock again……and it would be really great if they did bring back Ash’s original voice actress…..aw well, I’ll be interested to see what the next anime brings to the show

  • Boom Er

    I’m so conflicted on what side to stand by. I grew up with it like a lot of people did. The game series was the first game I ever really got sunk into. And of course the anime is based off the game. I mean it’s clear that it is. The easiest way to see it is with the Black and White series. (One moment only the new Pokémon are shown and then black 2 and white 2 come out, and all the old Pokémon suddenly are all over.)

    But sticking with my conflict, I don’t know what side is right to do. Yes I would love for them to change the main character. I mean I would have settle for ash…. I don’t know… actually growing up! But its clear that’s not going to happen. But Pikachu is the mascot of the whole franchise. It would be the same with out him. Sure you can just give the main character one, but what would be the point. You might as well keep Ash.

    Also, the show, with the way it is, helps the younger audience help keep growing.

    now on the other hand, I’ll admit the show has become more… child safe… compared to earlier episodes. Here’s some examples.

    Episode 4: Ash visualized Metapod getting cut in half by Pinsir.
    Episode 23: Ash and Pikachu technically die and their spirits are out of their bodies.
    Episode 275: Pikachu was closed to death in the first episode of the advance series because to much stored energy.

    None of the danger is seen a serious now (okay make one or two episode) I feel like if they take ash out, it will give then a chance to make it more, even if its a bit, older.

    I know a lot of people saw the trailer for Black 2 and White 2 and thought those few minutes were so much better then the series. And I’ll say it. I almost quit the anime on it’s recent series.

    To finish it and get straight to the point…

    Taking Ash out= Chance to make the anime for the older audience, but may have to change the mascot.

    Keeping Ash= the younger audience will keep growing, but the anime will stay child safe and make partly no sense.

  • Anon

    One of the most defining elements of Pokemon is Ash and of course Pikachu 😀 My little cousins scream when ash is in trouble and cry when Pikachu is hurt in battle. These characters have such a strong emotional attachment with fans of the TV series that its amazing that they are not real 🙂 While the series has tumbled the first few episodes of Black and White were brilliant as Team Rocket was actually ‘evil’ and very clever – I noticed they went back to their routes later in the series. I think the series is designed to capture new young audiences as their current audiences get older and move on – in this way Pokemon continues roping in new fans for the series – and hence ensuring continuous support for their money makers, namely the Pokemon cards, games and other merchandise

  • shady

    ash is the magic of the show and the movies taking him out there would be no pokemon. ash is a lengen and he is my hero. :). live on ash live on 🙂