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Forza 5 breaking boundaries with 1080p, 60FPS

Forza 5 is set to be one of the launch highlights of Microsoft’s Xbox One console, and now we have a great boost for those of you planning to pick up the next entry in the series, after previously playing all of the older games on Xbox 360. Turn 10, developers for the game have just confirmed that Forza 5 will offer full 1080p visuals, running at a solid 60FPS at all times.

Microsoft are expected to dish out a lot more details on the game at their E3 press conference than what they did at their initial Xbox One event on May 21. The teaser trailer that has been released looks amazing, and it is now is going to be an exciting prospect to think that Forza 5 is now going to run at 60FPS for this game and any other future games in the series.

John Wendel from Turn 10 confirmed the news in a recent interview with GameSpot, adding that the new hardware inside the Xbox One has made it possible, calling it a ‘incredible opportunity’ for the studio to deliver something amazing. Forza 4 was already a great looking game on the Xbox 360, but Xbox One owners are in for a treat it seems now with the boost in both resolution and FPS.

Don’t forget that 1080p isn’t a mandatory requirement from Microsoft on the new console, but rather up to the developers themselves if they want to implement it or not – so further credit to Turn 10 Studios for making it happen in time for a launch title. If you didn’t know, the game is also going to feature branded content from Top Gear, thanks to the inclusion of the official Top Gear logo on the Forza 5 box art.

We can’t help but feel how nice it would have been to be able to compare a 1080p, 60FPS Forza 5 on Xbox One with a 1080p, 60FPS Gran Turismo 6 on PS4. Unfortunately though, this isn’t going to be possible with Polyphony Digital bringing the game to PS3 only.

Is Forza 5 going to be the first game that you buy for the Xbox One at launch?



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