2014 Toyota Corolla expectations during today’s unveil

With today’s unveil of the 2014 Toyota Corolla looming; we thought we would have a little recap of what we know so far, because expectations for this car are huge. The reason for this is because the Corolla is said to be the biggest selling car of all time, and so there is a huge amount of pressure on this all-new model.

Just recently, Toyota has been teasing us with some images of certain aspects of the all-new Toyota Corolla, such as the rear section of the Si model, along with a couple of interior and front-end images and most recently a picture of an LED headlamp, which incidentally looks rather similar to the vehicle that the 2014 Toyota Corolla is excepted to be loosely based on, which is the Furia Concept.

From what we are being told the styling will be aggressive, and those 17-inch alloy rims seems to back this theory up. We’re not too sure when the 2014 Toyota Corolla unveil will be, but we already know/assume what some of those all-important specs will be thanks to some leaked information from certain Toyota dealer websites.

If we are to believe these leaks, then the next-generation Toyota Corolla will have a sporty, aggressive look and one of the engine choices will be a 1.8-liter four-cylinder variant. This engine has been reworked, and thanks to Toyota’s Valvematic continuously variable valve timing technology, it should not only pump out more horses, 132 in fact, but be more fuel-efficient as well. The all-new Corolla MPG figures are expected to be 27 in the city and 34 mpg on the highway.

There is said to be three 2014 Toyota Corolla trim levels, LE, S and Eco, although we have to point out that Toyota has not confirmed any of this. We do hope that these upgrades are just a small part of what we can expect to see later today, as there is no denying that the current Corolla is looking a bit dated, and also boring to drive. The 2014 Corolla needs to be exiting, and also needs to offer an enjoyable driving experience at the same time.



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