PS Vita getting Dragons Dogma Quest, online only

By Alan Ng - Jun 5, 2013

We have some great news for PS Vita owners now, especially those who are in bad need of some RPG action on Sony’s underrated handheld. It isn’t the Final Fantasy game that most of you crave, but it is interesting news coming out of Japan, which reveals that Capcom are bringing a spin-off title from Dragon’s Dogma to the PS Vita in 2013.

Set to be confirmed officially at E3 2013, the latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed that a game known as Dragon’s Dogma Quest is coming. Before you get excited, you’ll also need to know that this will be an online-only game and will be free-to-download, albeit supported by micro-transactions.

Many publishers are seemingly going down the same free-to-play path and it will be interesting to see how Capcom perform with this move. Details are obviously minimal at this point, but we are hearing that the game will adopt a 2D art format and will focus on strategy, rather than action as seen in its console counterpart.

In addition, Dragon’s Dogma Quest will feature four player co-op support and will offer premium items for those that want to progress quickly, but don’t have the time to grind everything out. What hasn’t been confirmed yet is whether this game will see a Western release in the US and Europe, but we hope that this is one of the games that is planned for Capcom’s E3 conference – it sounds very promising.

A 2D free-to-play online-only RPG effort from Capcom. What is your initial reaction to this? We wonder why Capcom doesn’t just dust off the cobwebs and make Breath of Fire 6 or even better – remake Breath of Fire 3 completely for the PS Vita instead. Sales would go through the roof.

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  • anonymous

    Or better yet… just make Dragon’s dogma 2 for the next gen systems. Period. End. Done. Make it happen Capcom, then shut-up… and take my money.

  • Josh101

    My first reaction is “2D? Really Capcom? Realllly?” I know there isn’t a large install base for the Vita yet. But you can at least try to get a quality game. When I think of any AAA developer I think of a fully realized 3D world. 2D I believe is reserved for $15-20 PSN/MSLive/Steam indie games. You can complain that there isn’t a big enough install base all you want, but why would it really matter? Is it because of your quarterly revenue results? I don’t see why you can’t release a title on a new system and just keep the launch price of the game the same for a year, hell even 2 years to ensure people are still buying the game at suggested price. I remember a time when selling 1 or 2 million units was considered a success. Don’t expect every game you put out to sell to ignorant masses at the rate of COD. If your game is niche, it’s more than likely because your game isn’t a washed out, dumbed down piece of junk and you should be proud of yourselves.

    • anonymous

      For the record…. you say your first reaction… I’m assuming you eventually realized this is a Free to play online only game… thus effectively placing it in your “$15-20 PSN/MSLive/Steam indie games’ category… right? lmao