No Jeep recall announcement, Chrysler challenges NHTSA

When there is a suspected problem with a vehicle, the NHTSA has to respond to complaints they receive from owners. This process can often take months, or even longer, and if there is found to be a problem the NHTSA then approaches the car manufacturer and allows them to issue a the voluntary recall, which is just what they did with Chrysler.

However, it looks as though Chrysler is refusing to play ball, as Chrysler challenges NHTSA. This means that there is no Jeep recall announcement for June 2013, although there should be. This has been an ongoing issue for years, which includes the 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, as well as the 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had sent Chrysler a letter advising them that they had to issue a recall for 2.7 million of these affected vehicles because of an issue with the rear gas tanks, making them vulnerable if they were rear-ended.

However, Chrysler disagrees with the outcome of the tests by NHTSA, even though there have been 32 rear-end accidents involving fires, which resulted in the loss of 44 lives. There was also 7 deaths involving Jeep Liberty’s, so as you see this is not a recall to be taken lightly, so is Chrysler right to refuse?

As we said above, Chrysler believes that NHTSA’s analysis is incorrect because they never used all the data that was made available, but USA Today reports that both parties will now exchange more information in order to reach an understanding.

While the likes of Chrysler has got away with going against the NHTSA in the past, we are in a different age now, and the recent issue with Toyota dragging their heals to recall their models led to them being taken to court and receiving a heavy fine, which is a prospect waiting for Chrysler if the NHTSA still decides to force the issue flowing further tests.



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