Minecraft Xbox 360 disc release favors US, not UK

By Alan Ng - Jun 5, 2013

We have some good news for Xbox 360 owners now, especially those who are yet to experience the phenomena known as Minecraft. The building game has been one of the highlights of XBLA in recent years, but now Mojang and 4J Studios are finally ready to release a disc version of the game and make a lot of Xbox 360 disc fans very happy in the process.

Although we are nearing a complete switchover to digital distribution by the day, many consumers still prefer to play their games on disc no matter what. As a result, many would have missed out on the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft, but the wait is now over in the US at least.

You will be able to head to your nearest game store and pick up Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition on disc for $20. It’s the exact same price as the XBLA version and you’ll be pleased to hear that it comes with everything that has been released for the digital version to date.

That includes various skin packs and the recent End content which came with access to the Ender Dragon boss. The disc version is fully compatible with the digital version, so players will be able to connect with each other without any problems, while the disc version will continue to be updated in the same manner as the digital version as well, in relation to future title updates.

Unfortunately, the only disappointment that we can see is that Xbox 360 owners in the UK have to wait until June 28 to buy the disc version of Minecraft – we’re not sure why either since that is almost a full month later compared to US. Let us know if you have been waiting for a disc version for a long time and whether this is an absolute bargain for $20 or not.

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  • Joey

    because it came out in America idiot.

  • Darren F

    Two things. I wonder why Minecraft isn’t out on disc as the PC version and it came out on the PC first and I wonder why the 360 version on discs couldn’t be released on the same day world wide instead of this pointless messing about with different dates around the world. What difference does it make if it’s released on the same date worldwide? The same thing with the game Saints Row 4. I read it’s coming out in the UK two days after the US release. Why? Why can’t that be released on the same date worldwide?