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HTC One mini vs. Galaxy S4 mini – renewed competition through visuals

We already had a good idea that the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini was on its way, and a new video not only helped to confirm its existence, but also its specs as well. Not to feel left out, the rumored HTC One mini (M4) has also been spotted in the wild thanks to some leaked images.

It was always obvious that HTC would follow Samsung, as their larger flagship models have seen healthy rivalry between the two, and so these new, smaller models will bring renewed competition, which begins with these latest visuals.

The Galaxy S4 mini release date will be in the summer so could be anytime over the next few months, although we should know more at the upcoming Samsung event on June 20, 2013. There have been rumors that the Galaxy Note 3 would make an appearance as well, but this will most likely happen during the September event instead.

The HTC One mini or HTC M4 as it could be known will also see a summer release, and so the rivalry will begin once again. We expect HTC to release this smaller handset to a wider market, instead of making us wait for a US and UK release like they did with their flagship smartphone.

In the leaked images of the HTC One mini, they seem to back up what we already knew about this new model, such as it being a 4.3-inch device and an UltraPixel camera.

We do find it funny that these will be mini devices, and will still be slightly larger than the iPhone 5, and possibly the iPhone 5S as well. These are just two more handsets that will surely eat into Apple’s market share?

Do you think this is a good move on HTC’s part, or do you think they are just trying to take marketing tips from Samsung? Either way, it’s nice to have another brand willing to try the Samsung approach.



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