FIFA 14 Vs PES 2014 on PS4 is a no contest

FIFA 14 is due out this September on current gen consoles, but EA has already confirmed that a next-gen PS4 version will also be available at a later date. We expected Konami to add some competition to this with a PS4 version of PES 2014, but unfortunately that will not be the case with the game not releasing on next-gen consoles.

This is a disappointment to say the least, and perhaps a questionable move from Konami we have to say. PES 2014 has just been confirmed for a release on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and wait for it – the PSP. While Sony’s ancient handheld still gets a version ‘because there is a market for it’, the PS Vita does not unfortunately as according to Konami’s community manager Adam Bhatti – ‘the install base isn’t great’.

While that is another massive blow for PS Vita owners who were looking to pick up a new football game in time for next season, the fact that there won’t be an Xbox One and Sony PS4 version of PES 2014 is a bitter pill to swallow. EA now appears to have a free run with their next-gen version of FIFA 14, and there’s definitely no chance of Konami changing their mind in time for the next-gen console launches.

Adam Bhatti has attempted to offer some potential reasoning behind a lack of PS4 release, by adding on Twitter that they are “not in the business for highres nextgen ports” and that they “can’t and shouldn’t do that. Bad habit etc.”

Interesting thoughts indeed, but who agrees with the man? Konami are bound to take some heat for this, as gamers are going to expect a PS4 and Xbox One version of PES 2014 by the time the consoles launch. Now though, it looks like FIFA 14 is already the next-gen winner and it’s a shame that consumers won’t be offered a retail alternative.

What is your reaction to this? No PES 2014 on PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita – but a PSP version.



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