State of Decay PC release date remains a mystery

By Alan Ng - Jun 4, 2013

We have some great news for Xbox 360 owners now, but not so good for those with a PC. State of Decay is a new upcoming open-world zombie game that is due out soon, and has been gaining considerable popularity during its development. We now have a release trailer for you to watch, confirming an Xbox 360 release date – but not PC unfortunately.

State of Decay is due out on both platforms, but developers Undead Labs are now looking to release the game on Xbox 360 first for the moment. As we told you in a previous report which gave you a gameplay walkthrough, we can now confirm again that the release date for State of Decay on Xbox 360 will be June 5 – this Wednesday.

It looks like PC owners are in for a considerable wait for their version though, as Undead Labs currently do not even have an estimate for when the game will be ready to release on PC. Despite a lack of marketing for the game, it appears that many of you are still very excited for State of Decay and it could end up being the game which really sets the fire alight for Undead Labs.


A release trailer is now available for viewing above, giving you a glimpse of some cutscene action – different to the gameplay video that we showed you earlier this week. Another aspect confirmed is the $20 price as well, as Microsoft will be charging Xbox 360 owners 1600 Microsoft Points for the pleasure of downloading this from the Marketplace.

Is that a price that is too high in your opinion, or a bargain considering we finally have an open-world zombie game with Warcraft elements thanks to Jeff Strain? Take a look at the footage above and let us know if you will be buying State of Decay on Wednesday or not.

Are you planning to wait for the PC version instead with possible mod tools?

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  • James Henneberg

    I’m personally sick to DEATH of how these damn companies treat us PC gamers!!!! It’s a proven FACT that statistically PC gamers invest MORE and play LONGER than any consoles

  • Yaar

    @David Well, what they are doing is just a light version on what ps3 are doing with there exclusive games.
    I’m not protecting this however, All they do is let the gamers down. Shame on you MicroNSony.

  • David

    I would have bought this for the PC had they released at the same/a similar time to the xbox but seeing as the developers have pulled this stupid marketing gimmick that would force me to buy Microsoft’s soon to be obsolete fragile piece of plastic and cheap metal as well as the game above I think I shall pirate the game instead and seed so generously that people will know me as internet Jesus; seeding the five thousand.

    Good marketing micro$oft

  • Phormula

    Im not going to buy the same game 2x,.. PCs are simply superior. I highly dislike when software companies utilize this marketing strategy. The truth be told what they are attempting to do is milk the console playerbase (which has less piracy issues) then resell same product to the PC gamers (who have vastly superior machines for the most part). So the end result is an inferior product, marketing gimmickry and the exclusion of the largest playerbase of gamers for attempts at larger profits… bad move for a new studio.

  • If there is a PC version there is no way I’m playing it on console.

  • callum865

    Why is it coming out on pc later? bloody stupid, should be on the same day

  • SicktoDeath

    I haven’t played my Xbox 360 in a few years. Why would I when I have a PC is an option?

  • patiently_waiting

    pc all the way mods are great to improve all players game exp. consoles just don’t due most games justice these days

  • Connor Dvorsky

    I would much rather wait for PC version. I’m really excited for the game yet I want to avoid my 360 at all costs. I’m hoping the massive amounts of pop in textures and low frame rates will be a non issue for the PC port. I really don’t want to go from a top of the line PC back to my dusty paperweight 360. Plus we may be looking at some great mods both after release and for years to come.

    • NgTurbo

      Mods make everything better.

      • David

        I give it a month after release for there to be a nude zombie mode.