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Speculative Galaxy Note 3 proof, possibly pre-iPhone 5S announcement

The evidence for the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is buildings up, and some recent news makes us believe more than ever that we will see the phablet announced at an event to be held before Apple’s keynote in September, which we assume will be for the iPhone 5S and not the iPhone 6.

There is speculation that the Galaxy Note 3 could be revealed at IFA 2013, which is 6 – 11 of September. Apple has yet to announce their 2013 iPhone event, but we expect it to be around the same time as 2012, which was September 12. If this is the case, then the Note 3 could beat the next iPhone to the punch, although they are not competing for the same market, that’s down to the Galaxy S4.

Going back to the recent news we mentioned earlier, it seems that there could be speculative Galaxy Note 3 proof, as its codename has been seen on a Samsung website. We do find it strange that the device was seen on the Samsung Kazakhstan website, but then again, it’s easier for these smaller sites to make mistakes and upload details prematurely compared to the bigger sites, like Samsung UK or USE.

In the leak it suggests that the Galaxy Note 3 already exists, or soon will do, and could either be revealed in June or September. We think September will be the most likely, seeing as though the Note 2 was announced in Berlin at the end of August last year, the same place for this years venue.

We shouldn’t get too excited about an all-new Galaxy Note 3 design though, as it’s recently been suggested that Samsung will stick with a design rather similar to that of the Galaxy S3.

This could hurt Samsung in the short term, but then again it’s not always about how the device looks, but rather how it performs, and we expect the new phablet will come with a host of improvements, some of which we have already speculated on.



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