Monster Hunter 4 gameplay with rare 3DS XLs

By Alan Ng - Jun 3, 2013

Pokemon X and Y may have a release date in October on the Nintendo 3DS, but it won’t be the first massive RPG to arrive during the end of the year. Nintendo has just had another of its Direct video previews over in Japan and we now have a solid Monster Hunter 4 release date to bring you.

The good news, is that it will be available to buy in Japan in September. It looks like you’ll be able to get your teeth stuck into Monster Hunter 4 month earlier than Pokemon X and Y, with Capcom now confirming a release date of September 14 in the country. So far, a Western release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, which is particularly disappointing with the system’s region locking in place.

Meanwhile, to coincide with the release date announcement, Capcom has revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter 4. It shows off some of the new creatures in the game – notably a large insect type beast called Alceltas, but also a massive shark-type creature with legs called Squagill.


The shark monster looks particularly fearsome as you’ll see in the clip above, so hopefully Capcom has cranked up the difficulty level to really give players a challenge this time compared to Monster Hunter 3. The graphics don’t look amazing by any means, but don’t forget that the game will look considerably better on the 3DS screen itself – and with 3D mode switched on.

Also coming with Monster Hunter 4 is two limited edition 3DS XL consoles, which look lovely. You will be able to choose between the Goa Magara Black and Felyne White models, with the black model easily looking the best in our opinion – do you agree?

As we wait for a Western release, let us know if you think Monster Hunter 4 should have been a global release like Pokemon X and Y. Enjoy the trailer above.

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  • YamadaDesigns

    Yes! Well, I would have appreciated a worldwide release, but I understand why they don’t do this. Pokémon has had many years to garner an international audience and Monster Hunter is still relatively less popular but more people in the US are getting into the franchise and hopefully with the sales of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate the game company will see that they will have to work on localization quicker to cater to their new fanbase. I held off on MH3U because I was waiting for MH4 so hopefully they can reduce the region gap and let us have it by Q1-Q2 2014