Mirror’s Edge 2 is coming to E3 2013

It looks like it is no longer a secret anymore. After appearing on numerous Amazon listings within the last week, we again have conclusive evidence that Mirror’s Edge 2 is finally on the way. EA has now leaked the game online on their own website, seemingly confirming that the game will officially be revealed at E3 2013 next month.

To recap, it was only earlier this week that we told you that the game had once again shown up at Amazon Italy, only to be removed almost instantly. This was coming off the back of an initial leak on Amazon Germany. Now, if that wasn’t enough of a guarantee for you that the game is coming – Mirror’s Edge 2 has now shown up on EA’s Help Center website.

This URL is no longer active, but it originally had a listing for Mirror’s Edge 2 just hours ago. The URL layout is a dead giveaway as well, you can check this by removing the “-2” from the URL to bring up the help center page for the first Mirror’s Edge game. You can also check similar help center pages for FIFA 14 and Mass Effect 3, both of which have the same layout as the removed Mirror’s Edge 2 page.

While we now know that the game is coming to E3 2013, the big question remains in what capacity. There are big rumors that Microsoft has managed to secure Mirror’s Edge 2 as an Xbox One exclusive. If it happens, there’s no doubt that it would be a big asset to have, since Mirror’s Edge remains a very popular series among gamers.

If the game has gone exclusive, will it make consumers who originally planned on getting a PS4, take notice? It is just one exclusive of course, but Microsoft has been promising ‘tons’ of exclusives to be revealed at E3. Let us know your thoughts on Mirror’s Edge 2 and how important the game is to you.



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