Xbox One Vs PS4 pre-orders so far in UK

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2013

Despite the uncertainty towards some aspects of Microsoft’s new Xbox One console, it appears that initial pre-order figures for the system are showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever. Some new reports have emerged, suggesting that the Xbox One is actually outselling the Sony PS4 at the moment in the UK for pre-orders made.

This is particularly surprising, not just over the lingering issues over Kinect privacy, always-on internet connections and used-game fees, but because Microsoft are yet to show their true games lineup yet. This is because the May 21 was largely used to demonstrate the hardware and business plan, while E3 2013 next month will be used to focus solely on what games are coming for the system.

Despite that, UK consumers appear to be adamant that Microsoft’s next console is already the next-gen system of choice. MCV has published a report, citing their close source within the retail chain that Xbox One pre-orders are currently beating PS4 orders.

If true, this will be particularly refreshing for Microsoft, given the huge internet backlash the company has faced over the last week. It shows that consumers ultimately have the final say, and perhaps that fierce criticism of some aspects of the Xbox One still have no impact in their deciding factor on which console feels right for them.

Sony, on the other hand are likely to gain an even bigger PS4 following, once the actual console unit is shown next month. A good reason for Microsoft’s apparent pre-order victory in the UK could be solely due to the fact that we haven’t seen the PS4 hardware yet. Sony has already confirmed that hardware will be shown at E3, while the company will also reveal plans for their used-game strategy – another crucial factor in the decision making for consumers.

The question we want to know, is have you pre-ordered an Xbox One or PS4 in the UK yet? If so, what reasons do you give for picking that console of choice? Don’t forget you can reserve your console now from GAME for £20 if you have yet to do so.

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  • Skeet

    I have pre-ordered the Xbox One. 🙂 for the following reasons…
    1. Much better controllers.
    2. Lower specs maybe, but the difference isn’t all that great that you’ll be able to notice it in any games. Look at PS3 vs. 360, PS3 had more power yet no games stood above their 360 counterparts and there wasn’t even any kind of Party communication even after 7 years.
    3. If you lose any remotes, Kinect is right there.
    4. Online processing.
    5. Forza.
    6. All my mates are on Xbox.
    7. Never had any bad customer service with Xbox.
    8. What’s all this Kinect Privacy bllx. I seriously doubt there’s someone sitting in a room at MS staring at a monitor linked to your Kinect. ready to call the fuzz when you shoot up or laughing at you when your jerking off.
    9. Xbox Live is a far better network than PSN, all these PS fanboys banging on about privacy when the PSN got hacked along with everyones details and went down for months?!?!?!?
    10. Xbox preorders are up already, PS fanboys love it for one reason, free online play, which also means they are cheap, and can’t afford to preorder. :p

    • Mac

      How would you know what the new controllers feel like, I don’t see the point in comparing the ps3 and xbox 360 when they are the old generation it’s about the features of the new consoles and Sony well outperforms Microsoft like they always have, the Xbox one looks very chunky to me the ps4 is slim in comparison the ps4 controller looks sleek however the xbox one controller looks huge.

      • Skeet

        Because they are not much different from the current controllers in size and shape. PS controllers are too small and give me horrible cramps after prolonged gaming sessions.
        With regards to the sizes, PS4 looks to small to have a good airflow, It’s either going to have a huge noisy fan or the insides will just cook themselves. If it’s supposed to be so much more powerful than Xbox One, I think you’re going to run into some serious overheating issues.

  • Elliott

    I’ve pre-ordered a PS4, I’m not really interested in the Xbox. From past experience the Playstation is better than Xbox and everything I’ve read/seen about the PS4 so far looks great. I don’t like the way Microsoft rip people off, Playstation exclusives are better and I’m not overly impressed with the new Xbox reveal in general.

  • JoeC

    I waited for the Xbox reveal, which then made it a simple decision to pre-order a PS4. Sorry MS, I’m not keen on the direction you’re heading. Pre-ordering now is a win-win. If Sony has a poor E3 showing (unlikely) or set the price too high then I can simply cancel the pre-order with nothing lost. If everything is spot on, then I’m already in the queue (before all those holding out to see the console in a few weeks).

    Really looking forward to seeing what happens at E3 now…

  • dan1968

    I ordered the PS4, I don’t care what the box looks like, if it looks like a oversized vcr/dvd combo i’m fine with that.

  • rodney

    Britons are used to being spied on , there are more cameras in britain than any other country on the world ,if you buy an xbox you are a sell out to the gaming community.

    • Moses

      yep especially in london, we are watched 24/7 and i find it so annoying lol even though i have lived in london all my life 🙂

  • FidelityNy

    I don’t see why this is surprising. Microsoft showed off its entire console, and made clear more information than Sony did in February. It’s obvious the people that went out and pre-ordered the Xbox One were set on the console before it was even announced, likely because of the fact they’re already tied into the Xbox Live community. The numbers that come after E3 will dictate and give insight on the outcome and future of both Sony and Microsoft’s gaming divisions, the numbers don’t mean much, if anything, at the moment.

    • ManaDKS

      “… and made clear more information than Sony did in February”

      Yep.. more information except what is important .. the specs!

      MS quickly said it has 8gb ram and moved on, not even what kind of ram was mentioned.

      And for a console whose main feature will only be available in US at launch (TV feature), i find it strange people wanting it already in the UK.

      Quick spec comparison:

      PS4 7gb fast gddr5 mem for games, X1 5gb slow ddr3 free mem

      PS4 GPU with 18 GCN, X1 GPU with 12 GCN

      PS4 CPU clocked at 2Ghz, X1 CPU clocked at 1.6Ghz

      • I hate sony fanboys

        …..and when you are wanking over the specs I will pausing Forza whilst watching your Mrs playing with her tits on Skype 😉

        • I hate sony fanboys

          Actually, dream on, what mrs!!!