Mirror’s Edge 2 Xbox One exclusive evidence mounts

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2013

Last week we spoke about the possibility of highly anticipated title Mirror’s Edge 2 ending up as a Microsoft exclusive. Now, we have some more evidence to bring you, which suggests that this could be a definite reality after E3 2013 is finished. Another listing has appeared for the game, for Microsoft’s new Xbox One console only.

In our previous report, it seemed that there was a low chance of Mirror’s Edge 2 re-appearing into the limelight as an Xbox exclusive, but now it doesn’t seem so farfetched anymore. Mirror’s Edge arrived on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008 of course, but has Mirror’s Edge 2 become one of the big exclusives that Microsoft were teasing during their Xbox One event?

The company has said that they have a ‘ton’ of exclusives lined up for their console and don’t forget what happened with Bayonetta 2. Everyone expected the sequel to come out on multiplatform like the first game, but Nintendo coughed up the cash to make sure that didn’t happen.

Microsoft may have done the exact same thing with EA and made sure that Xbox One is the only console where you’ll be able to play Mirror’s Edge 2. A new screenshot captured by Eurogamer shows an Xbox One listing over at Amazon Italy – another listing that has since been removed rather quickly.

If you put the pieces together, it suggests that the game has become an Xbox One exclusive. Give us your thoughts on that and how highly you rate the Mirror’s Edge series. Is this a huge blow for Sony or not in your opinion? Microsoft’s E3 keynote is not one to be missed we feel.

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  • bip01

    Making Sequels exclusive for one console kinda sucks. Not matter what platform.

  • deeboy17

    I think gamers will be stunned at E3. The excitement is steadily building for the Xbox. Mirrors Edge 2 is a coup in my opinion. Ever since Kinect came out I wonder what kind of integration they could incorporate into a Mirrors Edge game along with a controller. We may just find out and I am very thrilled to see the results on Xbox One.