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Minecraft Xbox 360 update 12 confirms upside down stairs

Earlier on this week, we spoke about the exciting possibility of Minecraft potentially appearing at E3 2013 in relation to a Minecraft for PS3 or PS4 announcement. Now though, we switch our attention back to the Xbox 360 version, as developers 4J Studios have sent out a visual teaser which confirms work is already underway on the highly anticipated Minecraft Xbox 360 title update 12.

It was only a few weeks ago when we told you that Minecraft title update 11 had just gone live on the Xbox 360, an update which included a plethora of new bug fixes that should have made your game experience a more pleasurable one. Now, we’re hoping that title update 12 brings some new gameplay features rather than bug fixes, and it looks like 4J Studios are planning to deliver.

They have released an image on Twitter, teasing that title update 12 will include many new features for players to explore. One of the biggest is a new Jungle biome, Redstone Lamps, Iron Golems and wait for it – upside down stairs at last. You’ll also spot that the jungle has some new inhabitants – these have already confirmed to be the ocelots, or cats as they’ll generally be known which can be tamed by players.

Players will also be interested to know that title update 12 will also change the build height as well. For now though, upside down stairs is easily the most exciting addition to the Xbox 360 version in title update 12 so far. If you are a regular player, let us know what else you would like 4J Studios to include.

Is the game finally on par with the PC version in your eyes, or is it still too far behind?



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