GTA V has advanced fish AI as well

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2013

If you watched Activision’s Call of Duty Ghosts premiere reveal during Microsoft’s Xbox One event, you probably are aware of the moment when Infinity Ward explained one of their brand new features of the game. Ghosts will utilize a brand new AI system, with fish now able to swim away from the player whenever he or she moves close.

Groundbreaking stuff right? Not really, but the moment has already become of the instant gaming moments of 2013 – almost reminding us in a way of Kaz Hirai’s infamous Ridge Racer outburst at E3 2006. Infinity Ward’s next-gen engine statement has now gone YouTube viral, in a clip that has amassed 3 million views in under a week – showing the same advanced fish AI in Super Mario 64 – an N64 title released in 1996.

You can watch and enjoy that above if you haven’t seen it yet, but wait there’s more. Rockstar are also planning to get a bit fishy with GTA V it seems as well. Thanks to some revealing information in a recent Reddit AMA, we’ve also learned that the fish in GTA V also know how to swim away whenever Michael, Trevor or Franklin come close to them.


Unfortunately, we don’t have a video of that for the comparison purists out there, but just take our word for it. It looks like Infinity Ward’s next-gen Call of Duty engine will have to show a lot more than just advanced fish AI to win gamers over in the coming months.

Will you be examining this fish AI in close detail the moment you get your hands on either GTA V or Call of Duty Ghosts? Enjoy the video above and let us know what you think truly defines a next-gen engine.

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  • Jack Parry

    Fish in Assassins Creed Black Flag too

  • Joe Gil

    Was going to press play until I saw IGN in the corner of the screen, just saved myself a few minutes of my life.

  • My_Willy_Itches

    I remember when Call of Duty 3 was boasting grass that moved back in 2006. It was seen as a next gen thing, grass and trees that move. I was like, so what, GTA San Andreas has moving grass and trees, an that’s from 2004!

  • dan1968

    I base almost all my game purchases on fish AI, if they swim in a unrealistic pattern then I won’t consider buying the game.Fish are very important.

    • NgTurbo

      Ima let you finish, but COD Ghosts has the best fish ever..

      • Haha not really noob, even supermario had better from over 10 years ago

        • NgTurbo

          Guessing you didn’t get the Kanye West reference. Never mind..