Black Ops 2 DLC 2,3,4 missing from rumored GOTY

If you have yet to pick up Black Ops 2 but have always been interested, it looks like patience is going to reward you in the coming months. The discovery of a Black Ops 2 ‘Game of the Year’ edition has been spotted, but perhaps not how you expect it. Usually a GOTY edition would include all released DLC for the said game so far, but it looks like this won’t be the case with Black Ops 2.

Instead, the game has briefly appeared on Amazon, but only with Revolution included with the game – the first piece of DLC that Activision released after the game launched. There’s no evidence that Uprising will be coming with the pack, or indeed the other two DLC packs that will release for Black Ops 2 as part of the Season Pass.

The listing has unsurprisingly been removed from Amazon, but it looks like this could be one of the intended announcements at E3 2013. The omission of Uprising at the very least though is disappointing – otherwise, what is the incentive behind paying for the game again at $60?

Elsewhere, we see Warner offer the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, where gamers receive the full game and every single piece of DLC released for the game to date – no cutting corners. More recently, we have Bethesda’s Legendary Edition of Skyrim, which for the same $60 price includes the full game along with all DLC packs – Dragonborn, Heathfire and Dawnguard.

Sadly though, Activision are thinking differently once again. $60 gets you Black Ops 2 and Revolution – that’s it. As we await an official confirmation on this, give us your thoughts on a potential Black Ops 2 GOTY with only one out of four DLC map packs. Shameful or not?



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