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The Last of Us has story mode DLC

If you are planning to pick up PS3 exclusive The Last of Us on day-one, you’ll be pleased to hear that the game from Naughty Dog is now available to pre-order, directly from the US PlayStation Store. To coincide with this, Naughty Dog has also revealed plans to offer three DLC packs for the game – one of which has confirmed to be a single-player expansion.

It means that players will have the opportunity to experience an additional aspect of the single-player campaign mode, by buying a extra piece of content. This content can already be ordered now, as part of The Last of Us Season Pass, which Naughty Dog has already confirmed to cost $20.

For this price, you’ll get the single-player DLC as mentioned above and also two multiplayer DLC packs which will include extras such as new maps – Naughty Dog hasn’t gone into full detail on this yet. On top of that and as a reward for buying into the Season Pass, buyers will also get a collection of smaller multiplayer goodies including increased Healing Speed and a 9mm Reload Speed Upgrade.

Gamers are generally not too happy when single-player DLC comes out, with some believing the argument that it should be included on the disc anyway, if plans are in place to add extra content to the single player, before the game is out. Having said that, this is Naughty Dog we’re talking about, so it will be interesting to see how many PS3 owners are willing to let this one go due to the developer’s famed reputation for delivering quality games at all times.

A lot of PS3 owners are also surprised that a multiplayer mode for The Last of Us is coming as well, a mode that hasn’t yet been revealed by Naughty Dog – we’re guessing this will come at E3 since the full game is due out on June 14. Considering that The Last of Us is going to be all about the single-player, give us your reaction on plans to bring out single-player DLC for the game.

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