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PS Vita music lovers unite with free app

If you are looking for some new PS Vita apps to download in 2013, we have some very good news for you. Music lovers are in for a special treat this Spring, with the US release of Imaginstruments – a free musical application which transforms your 5-inch OLED beast into a makeshift sequencer with recording and sharing capabilities.

If you live in Europe, this app should be available to download right now. However, the US release is going to take a bit longer to come out for some reason – but it’s free which is the main thing. We’ve included a video above, which gives you an idea how the app will work, albeit the Russian version.

Watch how you can create drum beats in one aspect of the app, then quickly switch over to the next section to start working on a melody. You’ll be able to change the melody notes using a slider option on the bottom menu of the app and make use of three core creation tools on the app.


Don’t forget that this is a free app. We have a feeling that once the app is available in all regions, more creation tools and instruments will then release at a later date for a small price. It’s great that the download is free to try out – so it’s essentially an expanded demo if you want to look at it this way.

If you are looking for a more fuller music experience on the PS Vita, Imaginstruments probably isn’t for you – try DJ Max Technika Tune for a more hardcore experience. For some great fun on the go though with minimal time to spare, this could become a very popular application indeed.

We are still waiting for the Spotify app to come out – where is it Sony? Watch the footage of Imaginstruments above and let us know if you will be downloading it for your Vita.



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