Inexpensive Tesla and Model X crossover key for success

By Peter Chubb - May 29, 2013

The future of Tesla Motors is looking a little brighter thanks to the repayment of a loan from U.S. Energy Department, and as such the CEO and shareholders can now move ahead with their vision in the knowledge that they now have no outside input to contend with.

There are two models that are key to the success of Tesla Motors, the first is the Model X crossover, as it gives consumers a greater choice, but more importantly the inexpensive Tesla with release dates expected in late 2014 and 2017 respectively.

However the affordable Tesla model could come to the market before 2017 and for a price less than $40,000. Although this model will still be more expensive than the Nissan Leaf and other such models, offering a range of 200 miles will separate the cheaper Tesla EV from its rivals. It’s things like going the extra mile (excuse the pun) that will see Tesla take greater strides in a few years down the line.

Having said that, whenever has $40,000 been affordable, although from what we know so far the car will have a more luxurious feel than its rivals? Although 4 years is a long time away, and so the likes of Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Ford will have improved their models in that time, along with the range of batteries increasing and their prices falling.

The $40,000 figure is not set in stone, as Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that the affordable Tesla model will be below that figure. Compare this to other models, such as the Nissan Leaf for $30,000.

In the past electric, vehicles were ugly, but that trend has shifted, and the best looking of all those models has to be Tesla, which is another reason why you have to pay a premium, even for the upcoming cheaper model.

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  • CQ

    Why do you have to pay a premium for a good looking car? Hyundai is one mfgr that proved a low-priced car can be attractive.

  • rebel_sal

    Your article is misleading, please get your facts right.

    Here are Tesla’s next two products,

    Model X, luxury SUV with “falcon wing” doors for Mini-Van accessibility, seats 7, same range as Model S.
    Deliveries scheduled for late 2014, will be the same price as Model S.

    Gen III, BMW 3 Series comparable sedan, 200+ mile range.
    Scheduled for late 2016-17, Around $30K after federal credit.